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August Beauty Preview: Stuff to Watch Out for from CLINIQUE!

Clinique is one of the most trusted brands in the world for skincare and makeup, and there are a few things to look out for in the coming month. 

2 of these have just been launched in the US/UK, so it might not be news to those of you there, but for the rest, heads-up! More details and a few swatches below.

P.S. I’m going to do more of these “Beauty Preview” posts towards the end of each month to let you know what’s upcoming from various brands!

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +

Who doesn’t recognize that iconic rectangular yellow bottle?

Since its birth in 1968, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (DDML for short) has had generations of loyal fans. Besides being a defining product for the brand, as part of its 3-step skincare routine, it continues to outsell more “advanced” and “modern” moisturizers in many markets today.


So what’s different about DDML+? Apparently, researchers found that our environment and lifestyles have changed significantly (surprise…) and our skin is having a harder time keeping up with the repair needed to stay in optimal condition. The dermatologists at Clinique believe that a lot of sensitivity, breakouts, dullness, dryness and redness are caused by a weakened skin barrier, so they’ve upgraded the DDML formula with heavyweight non-oily barrier protectants to help protect and sooth the skin.

  • urea
  • glycerin
  • hyaluronic acid
  • Phytofix (proprietary blend of sunflower seed, barley and cucumber derivatives)

The new formula goes on light and sinks into the skin quickly, so even though it’s mean for Dry and Very Dry skins, I don’t have a problem with it feeling very oily and heavy even on my normal/combi skin, but I prefer applying this on chronically dry areas like my forehead and seeing the fine line there disappear in a few minutes. (Woohoo.)

It definitely leaves a light humectant (moisture-holding) barrier on the skin surface, kinda like a moisturizing primer would feel. So if you have very oily skin, I would stick with the Gel version simply because it will feel fresher on grease-prone skin. But do remember DDML and DDMG don’t contain SPF so you will need sunscreen in the day.

Tip: If you have flaky skin (whether you’re dry or you just got burnt in the sun), the urea and glycerin in DDML+ are great at smoothing over the surface and speeding up skin repair. When you apply, make sure you spread a few drops in your palms and PRESS it into your skin in sections, holding a few seconds to let it absorb. Don’t rub!

Pricing: 1.7oz US$14.50/S$28, 4.2oz US$26/S$60

All About Shadow Primer For Eyes

Seems Clinique has finally joined the eyeshadow primer party!


All About Shadow Primer is a cream-to-powder, lightweight primer with a tint to slightly even out discolored eyelids. (I always prefer that.)

This comes in 4 skin-tone shades (Very Fair, Moderately Fair, Medium and Deep), but if you can see in my swatches, even 02 “Moderately Fair” is actually moderately TAN in color.


The color does sheer out once you rub it out, so it’s not as dark as it might seem in the tube. But it’s probably safer to say that if you are NC25/NW20 and paler, you should go with 01 Very Fair.


02 Moderately Fair - Better for NC30/NW25 to around 40-ish.

I have not seen 03 and 04, so it’s probably safer to get down to a counter to get matched to a color that fits you. Good news is; it’s likely that even if you have a darker skin tone, you’ll find a good match.


US pricing not available as yet.

Quickliner for Eyes Intense

It’s finally coming to Singapore! We can stop staring at swatches online.

Quickliner is Clinique’s de facto automatic long-wearing pencil, and the brand has just come up with more “intense” versions. How intense?


THIS intense. Holy moly.

Like the regular Quickliners, you get a minute to play around with it and smudge it out, and then it sets. And when I mean set, I mean “won’t-rub-off, better remove-with-oil-cleanser” set. (I tried.) I’m going to give this a test-run on the waterline and let you know how it goes.

The only shade I have on hand is Intense Black, so I can’t show you the other colors yet, but it’s VERY clever how they got it to look so inky black.

If you look close, you’ll notice a faint metallic blue sheen to it, which is a visual trick to make something black appear even blacker against the skin.This also means the pencil will be brilliant at bringing out dark brown eyes.


Other shades available:

  1. Intense Truffle
  2. Intense Clove
  3. Intense Peridot
  4. Intense Peacock
  5. Intense Aubergine
  6. Intense Amethyst
  7. [limited edition for this Season] Intense Sable
  8. [limited edition for this Season] Intense Cobalt

You know I’m going to be looking out for the Cobalt and the Peacock…

Pricing: US$15, S$30

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