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Oceanus: Silky Green-Blue Winged Eye Tutorial

I was looking through my makeup stash and realized I’d been neglecting my I Nuovi eyeshadows for a long time. This Singaporean professional brand was developed by a makeup artist and has been a favorite of mine since before college (I used their glassy lipgloss before I even tried MAC’s clear lipglass) so it’s been about 14 years now.

I was in the mood for something cool and aquatic, so I grabbed 3 shades. All these can easily be substituted with shadows from NYX, MAC, or your jumbo 88/120 palettes.

  • A soft seafoam green (think NYX Seafoam Green)
  • A deep rich blue (think MAC Freshwater)
  • A dark charcoal shot through with green sparks (you can go with a straight matte black because the green flecks won’t really be visible in this look)

I also wanted to play with some new Diamond Lashes I got from the “Japanese cosmetics” section of the drugstore. I’m not entirely certain where you can get these in other countries, but I included the close-ups so you can look for similarly-shaped alternatives. They’re spiky and separated, but have a dense custer at the outer corners.


Tip: Keep your eyes closed and buff your brush a little at the lash line. This transfers a bit of the shadow neatly onto the lower lash line!


Tip: I simply used the same shadow brush and flipped it over to use the clean side for the deep blue. The zigzag rubbing is a quick and easy way to pack color onto your lid without making too much of a mess.


Tip: Use a pointy brush or something firm to apply the defining color to the outer corners. I’d always advise going from outside in, so the color is intense on the outside, then fades as you go inwards.



Product: VDL Ready Steady felt tip liquid liner. Use any black liquid liner or gel liner you want as long as you can control it to get a thin line!


Tip: With these types of lashes where there is an interesting accent on the outer corners, I actually trim the inside corners rather than the outer corners, if they are too large for my eye.


To mimic this lash design, you just need to cut a small chunk from a pair of fuller lashes and then stick it on top of a pair of spikey, sparse ones with lash glue. Just check the lengths of both pairs of lashes before cutting, to make sure they more or less fit each other.


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