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[Requested] Foundation Comparison: Bourjois Healthy Mix (Original) vs Bourjois Healthy Mix (New)

If you haven’t noticed, Bourjois has relaunched Healthy Mix foundation (DOUBLE-YAY) after taking the original one off the shelves for quite awhile. I almost had heart palpitations when they pulled it because it is to date still one of the best drugstore foundations I’ve ever used for slightly-oily/combination skins. 

What I love:

  • Radiance boosting (it gives a nice velvet finish, which always makes your skin look more natural and less made-up)
  • invisible texture (unlike many foundations, including higher-end ones, this won’t sit on top of your skin in an unnatural mask or sink visibly into all your lines and pores)
  • nice light feel and medium coverage
  • great fresh-fruity scent (some of you might not like a fragrance, but I love the smell)

I happen to have a bit of my last bottle left, so that was handy when someone sent me a request to compare the 2 formulas.


Mostly the same, except about 3/4 down the list when there is the removal of 2 things in the new formula.

Panthenol - this conditioning provitamin B5 derivative was removed from the new formula

Alcohol - the new formula still has alcohol denatured, but the old formula contained TWO alcohols. Now it only contains one. This might be good news for those who have slightly sensitive skins. Of course, there aren’t any actual percentages listed, so I can’t be completely sure if there was a real reduction in total alcohol content.

Observable differences:

Based on just the comparison of shade 52 (for NC25) new Healthy Mix is slightly warmer-toned than the original, so if you found the original shades a little bit ashy on the skin, the new one might be better for you. 

The main improvement is probably in the blendability. Old Healthy Mix wasn’t hard to blend of course, but the new version has a bit more slip and movement (maybe because of a reduction in alcohol), which means you have more time to work with it. It still sets to that velvety texture but now it’s even more seamless.

In the last image above, I actually let the swatches sit for a good few minutes before trying to blend them out. The old formula had a visible track-mark at the edges where it refused to spread anymore, but the new formula just blended nicely into the skin. 


Pretty much the same thing in a different bottle. I kinda prefer the functionality of the old plastic bottle with its airless pump, which is lighter and can really extend the life of your product, but that’s not a big deal. 

The new bottle is prettier, but it CAN look a bit similar to Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation (better for normal/dry-combi skin), so check the names properly!

[Update] Add-on Questions: 

1. Are the sizes the same?

YES. The sizing is the same (1 fluid oz).

2. Where can I find Bourjois in the US/Australia/etc? 

ASOS ships worldwide for free. If you’re in Asia and the Pacific, the prices are actually much cheaper than in pharmacies/drugstores, and there is a much bigger range of products, so I suggest you take your shopping here!

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