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Unboxing: What’s In Your August Bellabox (Singapore)?

I only JUST got the latest Bellabox, so I haven’t had a chance to try every single item out yet, but here’s a quick peek at what’s inside this beautiful limited-edition Peranakan-print box, and a few thoughts on the items I’ve tried so far!

Evanose 1st Line FloraComfort Micellar Cleansing Water


I love micellar cleansing waters like Bifesta and Bioderma, and this Swiss line is an alternative if you prefer 100% organic products. It does remove waterproof makeup (Clinique Quickliner below) but it’s not as strong as other cleansing waters so you might need to let it soak a little longer if you wear waterproof makeup.

Not for impatient people!


Teaism sachets


These healthy tea blends come in pencil-shaped, disposable, high-tech tea wands that you can dip and use as stirrers, so you don’t need anything other than hot water and a cup.

Visit for more information.

Harnn Jasmine and Pomegranate Hand Cream


I LOVE this silky hand cream from Thai spa/wellness brand, Harnn. It smells like the most aromatic jasmine tea. If you love jasmine scents as much as I do, this cream is da bomb. This is going into my bag for quick hit of moisture and a perk-up after hand-washing! for more info.

Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care System


This is an interesting 2-step lip gel patch from Korea for conditioning the lips. You pop each piece on, and wear for 15 minutes like a mask.

Quite a luxury if you ask me! Definitely something to use for special occasions if you’ll be showing off your mighty mouth.

I haven’t tried it yet and the instructions behind are all in Korean, so I’ll have to investigate a bit further before I can give you more info!

Legere CC Cream


Back in the days of first-generation BB creams, Legere was the first Korean BB Cream line I fell in love with, because they had natural looking shades that don’t make it look like you have an overly-pale, overly-ashy face.

I’ve since moved on to try tons of other brands of course, but this little sample duo is a reminder to check them out once again!

Model Co Lip and Cheek Tint in Rose Red


Lip and Cheek tints need no introduction. And this looks and works very much like Benetint. If you are trying these for the first time, remember to:

  • apply it BEFORE concealer if you have any unevenness or spots to conceal on the cheeks. After that you can mix a tiny bit with concealer and apply it where you need.
  • make sure your lips are clean and dry before you apply it on your lips, or the color won’t take.


Wotnot Facial Wipes

I don’t use wipes much, because I just don’t like them. The good ones cost a bomb and the cheap ones usually don’t have enough cleansing liquid in them for a quick and effective clean. The amount of rubbing needed to get waterproof makeup off is often too much for my sensitive face.

But I tried a couple of sheets of these the other night while doing my mega-foundation post, and was totally shocked by how plush and soft these are. Wotnot facial wipes are an award winning product created by two proper Aussie mummies who wanted 100% organic, 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly products for their families.

Wotnot Facial Wipes

While I’m not about to throw out my Shu Uemura cleansing oils, my Bifesta cleansing waters, and my lint-free wipes, I certainly would pick these over most other brands for chucking in my bag for on-the-go cleansing.

For more info, visit

All products are available for sale individually on Bellabox within Singapore.

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