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Mad Sequined Duo-Tone Lips!

Completely not practical, likely to inspire outrage among anyone who prefers things to look normal, (and I actually don’t recommend this unless you’re a makeup artist), but what the heck right?

I don’t know why but I never thought to combine two things I love:

1. Glitter lips

Fun with Magenta Glitter  —  You probably know I have a problem resisting hot pinks and magentas. The funny thing is, I started out hating pink, and when I started wearing or buying pink, it was sort of a lark or a personal joke many years back.  Irony of ironies, huh?  ANYWAY - the next in my glitter series was a magenta glitter (Sagittarius) with a blue/green sheen, so I couldn’t resist packing that all over the mouth for a deep, but dramatically bright sparkle.      When it comes to glitter on the lips, this is where I feel you have the option of going for larger particle sizes which might not be as safe for the eye area. The bigger the particle size, the more dramatic from afar and in flash photography. The smaller the particles, the more you get a dramatic “wet" look that doesn’t kiss off. (Large particle sizes don’t tend to look that good close-up though, and they feel a lot rougher, so avoid these if you have sensitive lips.)  The base I used was a strong purple-toned mauve; MAC’s delicious Up The Amp lipstick. It’s a BEAUTIFUL color. Works on mostly fair-gold to dark skins. (This thing is hot-hot-hot on black women, I kid you not.) If you are extremely fair with flushed skin or have a lot of pink undertones, you might want to try Snob or Revlon’s Pink Pout instead as Up The Amp might look a little too dusky on you.  —    Step 1: MAC Up the Amp. On the lips. Period. Get a thick coat on because you want a good base to hold the glitter.  —    Step 2: Using a flat synthetic brush (ecotools has a great concealer brush that I always use for working with glitter because it’s big enough to cover more space, but not too big for some precision), pick up some glitter on just one side of the brush and gently coat the lip surface bit by bit.   You don’t want to pick up glitter on both sides of the brush simply because it will fall out all over your chin while you are using one side. (If that’s the look you’re going for, don’t let me stop you! ;P)  —    Step 3: When you are done covering the entire lip, you want to go around the edges of your mouth with a damp Q-tip to pick up any stray glitters. The outer corners of the lower lip are the usual problem spots where you’ve gone over with the brush, or some glitter has fallen loose and shifted.   The more precise your mouth, the more dramatic the look.  —  Note on eating and drinking with a glitter lip:   Glitter lips actually stay on pretty darned well. The coating of plastic or minerals actually hangs on to your lipstick and stops it from kissing off as much as usual. You should be safe if you are a little careful  when you drink (nobody I know munches their cups and glasses).  When it comes to food though, because it involves a lot more friction, you will have a tendency to smear glitter off the center of your lips.  If you’re going to a cocktail party where there’s just some bite-sized pieces of finger food that don’t require any tearing/chewing before you can get them into your mouth, you’ll be pretty safe. Not recommended if you’re eating burgers and pizza! A few flecks of glitter never killed anyone, but you don’t really want to ingest any of it if you can help it.

2. Ombre lips

Psychedelic Cyclamen Ombre Lips: Rimmel Color Show-off in 220 Shocking Pink and Lime Crime D’Lilac (plus tips)  —-  When you combine 2 shades that look really vibrant and saturated on camera, you get day-glo Cyclamen lips like the above.   Instead of going for a typical dark shade to contrast against the pale creamy lilac, I went for a strong red-fuchsia in a matte texture.  Tips for perfect ombre lips:  Pick opaque lip colors because anything slippery or sheer is not going to give you that saturated gradient effect  Apply one shade on each lip, leaving the inner rims bare first, then swop the lipsticks for each lip, and very lightly run the second shade along the inner bit of your lips before pressing with your fingers to blend the edges into the first shade better.  Press just the center of the lips together to even out the “mixed" shade, and smooth in with your finger again if the color gets uneven.  If the outer rims of your lips are no longer as vibrant looking due to all the blending and pressing, touch up just the top and bottoms of lips lightly to replace the color.  Looks good with:  Dramatic black winged liner. It actually looks very “cyber-geisha" in real life.  (This is fun and dramatic, but not exactly something you should wear to your next meal. It will take you too much time to touch up.)

And I wanted to amp up the bling so I used multi-glitters with a mixture of fine and large flecks, for that extra sequin-like effect.

1. Decide on the glitters you want first. Be sure to use acid-free non-bleeding glitters! I went for a pale mauve-pink and a deep magenta.


2. Find 2 lipsticks with tones that are very similar to the glitters. I used Revlon Pink Pout and Fuchsia lipsticks.

3. Next, just use a concealer brush to gently press glitter onto each lip.


4. Clean up the edges of the lip with a damp Q-tip (cotton bud) to remove any stray flecks of glitter. The trick is to make sure NOTHING sticks outside of the lip line.

P.S. This is one of those things that actually looks pretty darned cool from a distance and under the lights so don’t knock it if you need to be on stage!

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