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GUMMÍ Designer Nail Wraps: You need to check these out!

Are they not the coolest nail wrap designs ever? (All images courtesy of GUMMÍ.)

"Gummi Nails aims to design and build an exciting wardrobe for nails so they will never go naked again.” - Wen, founder and director of GUMMÍ NAILS.

Well, my nails are never naked, but let’s just say I’ll gladly strip them for these!

GUMMÍ nail wraps were designed for all you hip ‘n’ happenin’ people by a true-blue fashionista (Wen is better known as X-Wen of, and these are DEFINITELY going to get you noticed. They go for SG$16 per set (about USD12.50) and will be available internationally for purchase on from 18 September.



For a short period of time from now until 20 August, you can pre-order designs that you see above at S$30 a pair (read to end of post for details). Click to expand each image in your browser and see the individual names. There aren’t any names provided by the company for those wicked-cool Halloween ones, so do send your enquiries to the sales email below if you want those!

Some mobile device does not allow captions to be shown, so please try to take a look with your laptop/pc just so you don’t order the wrong designs!


- The Interview -

Introduce yourself!

Wen: I’m Wen, co-owner cum founder aka “X-Wen” aka “Gummi Ninja” at Gummi Nails. I work closely with Shane, my business partner, on everything from designing, to producing marketing materials, to managing our social media pages and setting up our online store. Let’s just say we’ve been very busy!

What got you started in the nail business?

W: As a nail art enthusiast, I was obsessed with painting my own nails, researching nail art techniques and shopping for nail polishes and accessories. Nail art is awesome but it consumes a lot of time and effort. Plus, nail art costs a bomb at nail salons. The idea of the nail wrap is great because of its instant application and zero drying time needed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find designs that I like in the market. Plus, the quality of some of the nail wraps aren’t great. Hence, Gummi Nails was born.

Walk us through your design and creation process!

W: Gummi Nails is all about awesomely cute designs. We love unconventional, bold and mix ‘n’ match designs.

Shane and I started off by brainstorming ideas for our collection by looking at the latest runway trends or nail art inspirations on Pinterest. Our Team Gummi designer, Raj creates them based on our ideas. The design process took us about a month. We also produced samples for our designs for testing purposes. We need to make sure that the designs and quality meet our standards.


The hardest thing for us is to edit our collection down to 12 designs. Finally, we categorized our first collection into four mini-collections: Endless Summer, Girl’s Night Out, Yoga and Special Edition.

Are all the designs at Gummi Nails part of a permanent line-up or do they change seasonally?

W: Endless Summer and Girl’s Night Out are part of our seasonal Fall 2013 designs. Yoga and Special Edition is an on-going collection. We launched our first Special Edition nail wrap, “Monsters Ink” for the upcoming Halloween. We’ll be releasing Christmas designs for our Winter 2013 collection later this year as well.

Do you have a personal favorite design(s) of the moment?

W: This is a tough question! There is a reason why we are producing these 12 designs; because we love them all! One of the first designs we came up with was “B is for Banana” and this is just too cute. I also get alot of positive comments whenever I wear this design. Another favourite is ‘Monster Ink” because I love the tattoo-inspired designs and bold, vibrant colours. I think it’s perfect for Halloween and post-Halloween because it’s got freaking Frankenstein!


How long do Gummi Nail wraps last?

W: Gummi Nails can last up to 10 days with proper application. In fact, Gummi Nails come with base and top coat inbuilt into the wraps so there is no need to apply those separately. But we also do recommend you to apply base coat, mainly to protect your nails, and top coat to extend the wear of the designs. The following brands work best with our nails wraps: Sephora, Butter London, Dior, Chanel and Priti NYC.

Can you give us a hint of what’s coming up for Gummi Nails after this launch collection?

W: The next collection will be “whimsical” and that’s all I can say for now! Of course, we will also be launching Christmas designs and gift sets for the holidays later this year.

Q: Most important question! When and where can we start purchasing Gummi Nail wraps, and do you ship internationally?

W: For shoppers in Singapore, Gummi Nails will be available for pre-sales at Pasar @ Kilo this Sunday, 25 August 2013 (11am to 5pm). For everyone else, we will be launching our online store ( on Wed, 18 September 2013. Each set of Gummi Nails comes with 20 nail wraps and a nail file and priced at S$16.00 each.

For local orders, we will ship for free (normal mail). For international orders, we will ship at a flat rate of S$5.00 (about USD3.90) via normal mail. You can now pre-order our Gummi Nails by emailing us at before 20 August 2013. We’re offering a pre-order special at S$30 for two sets of Gummi Nails. So hurry!

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