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Lust: Illamasqua Sacred Hour Collection (Fall 2013)

If you haven’t seen Illamasqua’s new Sacred Hour collection visuals, you need to take a look if just to appreciate how gorgeous and inspiring it is (in an Acorna meets Daenerys Targaryen sort of way). If you’re viewing from your Tumblr dashboard, click the images to see them in their full glory; these are PNG files so the white background hides some details.

Most of the campaigns by mainstream brands like MAC have been sort of lacklustre and uninteresting these few years, sad to say, so it’s always a breath of fresh air to look at Illamasqua’s theatrical images.

This collection seems to be a play between dawn and dusk, with a mix of sludgy grey and luminous amber tones. I’d like to say the crowning glory is the Reflection Palette, a quad of rich, Fall-tones (grey, cream, brown, and copper), but then I think that dark purple lipstick is gorgeous as well.

[Source for all images: Illamasqua]

Reflection Palette

Illamasqua Reflection Palette, above (£34.00)

Amazing that they managed to pair so many dusky Fall colors together without the whole look being dark and heavy.

Lipstick in Shard

Illamasqua Shard Lipstick, above (£16.50)

Nail Varnish in Hemlock

And just for kicks, don’t you love this green-gold hued pearl varnish aptly called Hemlock? (£14.50)

I’m tempted but I do personally feel most of the shades here can to some extent be duped or substituted, with the exception of the nail varnish. Guess I’ll content myself with staring at the visuals - for now!

Will you be getting anything from this collection? (If you’re thinking of recreating this look for Halloween you might need their white foundation as well.)

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