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[Online Shopping Post] Minty Princess Stamping Plates (plus a Konad S10 Dupe) Review

This is one of 2 quick posts today on online shops. Minty Princess is a little store selling an eclectic mix of super-cute phone accessories, wallets, circle lenses, and more recently, nail stamping plates. (I’m partial to the below but it’s sold out!)

iPhone 4/4s Molang Lavender case

I’m reviewing 3 of the 5 stamping plates available in the store (Designs 1, 2, and 4). These were sent for review so I did quick stamp transfer demos so you can check the quality for yourself.

1 - Flowers

2 - Fruits

4 - Cute animals

I tested with my own Konad stamping polish, stamper and scraper to see how they would perform. As you can see, they perform very well!

The most interesting thing is that at least 2 of the stamping plates in the store are exact dupes of actual Konad plates, S10 and M79. I did my nails above using a random mauve polish from Eleanor (no number), and a floral design on plate 1. The price? US$1.05 per plate!

Note: Remember you have to own or purchase your own stamper and scraper in order to use these as these!

Minty Princess ships internationally and accepts pre-orders for some items; contact Miki via the store if you have any additional queries.

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