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Latest Scent Crush: Marc Jacobs Honey

Aaaaahhhh, honeysuckle! Honey! Orange Blossom! Woods! Pear! Some of my favorite notes all thrown together into one cute little yellow polka-dotted honey-bee bottle.

Even the yellow and black spotted carton is cute.

Created by perfumer Annie Buzantian from Firmenich, Honey (despite its name) is a crisp, and almost fizzy-fresh fruity-floral. 


The Notes

Top: Pear, Fruit Punch, Juicy Mandarin (an oriental citrus that’s similar to orange)

Heart: Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Honeysuckle

Base: Honey, Golden Vanilla, Smooth Woods

Honey Eau de Parfum smells like tart, fizzy fruit cocktail and then it morphs into soft, creamy white florals with a hint of peach and honey. This phase lasts most of the way and In the final drydown, it softens to a sweet, shower-clean skin-scent. Definitely more honeysuckle than honey. 


Despite the honey, vanilla and woods in the base, this does not have an oriental dry-down. In fact, something in the clean dry-down reminds me of another citrus Summer scent that came out recently, Shiseido Zen Sun, which I also enjoy. If you’re expecting something dessert-like, you’ll be disappointed.

I’d say it’s definitely very in line with most of Marc Jacobs’ scents. It’s not deep, dark and complex. It’s sunny, happy, girly and universally-likable. Great for days when you just need a pick-me-up, or if you’re looking for a starter scent and would like something light and wearable. If you like any of the Marc Jacobs Daisies or some of the sweeter or fruitier Splashes, then give this one a try. (I personally prefer it to Dot, but scent taste is very subjective, so give it a sniff!)

Lasting Power and Projection?

I have to say lasting power isn’t high, which is typical of this type of Summery fresh scent without a strong base. It opens stronger, and people smell the top and heart notes quickly, but on me it dries down to the base notes within an hour or two and then the whispery base probably lasts another hour or so, so I’d say 3-4 hours longevity on dry skins and/or dry climates. Longer if you have moisturized skin or you layered it with the matching bath and body products.

Projection is medium at the start; people can smell it if they come within slightly less than arm’s length away from you, with about 1-2 sprays. It’s not a big perfume that will assault everyone in the room. (Unless you spray on WAY too much…) Good for school and work if you like to touch up mid-day. But after an hour or two, people will probably need to hug you to smell it.

Tip: Spraying on MORE perfume in the morning is not the way to get it to last longer. It all still dries down at the same rate so you’ll be a pong-monster for 2 hours and then- nothing. Save it and do one spray to touch up every 2-3 hours. Your Summer scent will go a lot further.

The cute bottle might be a little hard to bring out for touch-ups unless you leave it in a locker. You wouldn’t want to accidentally break off a wing! I’d suggest decanting a little bit of it into a small vial or a Travalo and bringing that out instead.

Purchasing Information:


Honey is already available in various parts of the world, including the US and EU, but for those in Singapore, you will have to wait til 19th Sep 2013, to pick it up from Sephora, or Marc and Marc Jacobs boutiques. (It will be available at most major department stores from October.) 

Honey comes in 30, 50, 100ml bottles. (Only the 50ml and 100ml bottles have the large winged pearl on the side of the glass. The 30ml bottle only has it on the cap.) 

There is also a shower gel (150ml) and body lotion (80ml) if you’d like to layer products to make the scent last longer.

Prices vary by region, but in Singapore they start at S$69 for the shower gel and go up to S$158 for the largest 100ml bottle.

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