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Lancome Violet Magnetique Tutorial: Soft mauve-pink and purple makeup look, plus Tips for Choosing a Purple Palette

The key thing to this look is:

  • A purple pencil
  • A soft shimmery pink shadow that isn’t TOO pale
  • A rich violet shadow
  • A black shadow
  • Liquid liner (optional; this is used VERY subtly)
  • Mascara


(Shade 3 is optional)


Tip: With shade 1, the rich mauve pink, I picked it up with a buffer brush and spritzed it to dampen it before applying. This gives a rich pearl sheen.



Product: Bourjois Metallise pencil in 78 bleu chatoyant, but you can find any rich purple from NYX or other brands.


Tip: This is where I used Shade 3, but you can use Shade 2 to do this if you don’t want to complicate the look with too many shades.


Tip: When buffing, make sure there is no obvious line between the black and everything else. It should fade into the purple nicely and just add a little extra definition.


Tip for an Evening Look: Using the first brush (it should have pink and purple on it) DON’T PICK UP ANY MORE COLOR. Just gently buff and fade color from the lids up towards your brow bone. This adds intensity to the look.


Tightlining [optional]:

If you have steady hands and double-lids, you probably have a rim of bare flesh showing beneath your upper lashes. You can try applying liquid liner to the tightline (right at the base of the lash roots.) This covers up the flesh and adds intensity. See below image.

(If you have mono-lids, that line of bare flesh isn’t obvious so you can skip this!)



On the lips:

I simply lined with Urban Decay Illegal pencil (a nude), and then topped with a bright sheer rosy-pink.

Tips for Choosing a Purple Palette:

  1. If you have very yellow or olive skin or dark circles, and have a tendency to look sallow, avoid dull raisin tones and plummy purples unless you’re quite an expert at pairing colors. Look for something that is more vibrant and rich, like violets and true purples.
  2. If you have very dark skin, go rich (deep, jewel-tones and metallics), go dark (satiny almost-black purples and plums), or go sheer (translucent, shimmers that just give you a tinted sheen). Just avoid pale to medium shades that are not translucent, because they can look chalky and grey on the skin.
  3. I always go for more pigmented shadows because they give you more options. Light in the day using a soft brush, medium-intensity by buffing it on more generously, OR very intense by dampening your brush.
  4. Look for a mix of soft and dark shades so you can go pastel AND you can go smoky.
  5. For maximum versatility, look for 2 different color groups in eyeshadow trios (e.g. 2 blues 1 grey, rather than 3 blues) and at least 3 color groupings if there are 4-5 shadows. (Violet Magnetique has 3; pinks, purples, black.) If you have a 4-5 shade palette but they’re all purple, you’ll find it hard to do a lot of different looks with it.
  6. Look out for that one dark neutral, because that single black, brown, or grey shade can be paired with any other shadow in the palette for a simple school or work look.
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