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Shu Uemura “6 Heart Princess” Holiday 2013 Collection Mini-Preview!

In collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, Shu Uemura has come up with an incredibly pretty anime-themed limited edition collection to tempt even non-anime fans.

The concept is centered around the duality within every woman, between “Naughty and Nice”, as represented by two ordinary girls who transform into supernatural princesses; one Pink, and one Black. Interestingly enough, for the campaign visual (top image), Shu Uemura actually used the same model for both the Pink and Black looks to illustrate how transformative makeup can be.

There is gorgeous white and gold robed cartoon packaging on everything including

  • 2 sets of premium lashes
  • a white makeup box
  • the cleansing oil
  • a brush set and pouch
  • Tsuya infused UV Underbase Mousse
  • the s curler with a flower charm
  • 5 lip and cheek paints (they go on creamy and set matte)
  • 2 incredibly drool-worthy eye and cheek palettes

Murakami’s production company Kaikai Kiki also created an exclusive anime video which we were lucky enough to see at a press event earlier this week (but not allowed to take footage of, sadly).

The bad news?

The 6 Heart Princess collection will only be available from 1 November 2013, but I’ll definitely be doing more updates (and swatches!!!!) closer to the launch date so you know exactly what everything looks like and exactly which “princess” you want to be.

I personally don’t know how “princess-like” I’ll look with all the drooling, but let’s see how it goes.

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