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One Gold Shadow, Four Looks in Varying Intensities

I haven’t played enough with my gorgeous pan of Sephora Mono Eyeshadow No 3, aptly named Girls’ Night Out. And isn’t this what we tend to do? Pick up a beautiful shade and then hardly use it because it looks so dramatic.

Well in the “pictorial” below, I’m transforming the look from simple to dramatic in 4 stages, by adding different brushes and shadows along the way.

Essential steps/items:

Black liquid liner

Black mascara


Look 1:


Next essential step:




To Transform it into Look 2: Gold Lid

Apply black liner as before.

Item needed:

Flat eyeshadow brush



Then finish with black mascara.


To transform it into Look 3: Gold Smoke

Apply black liner as usual.

Additional item needed:

Matte brown shadow (I used Revlon Matte shadow in Rich Sable)

Pencil brush or small blending brush


Make sure to fade out the matte brown so there are no hard lines.

Then apply mascara if you haven’t.


To transform it into Look 4: Golden Eye

Apply black liquid liner as before.

Then, the additional item needed:

Buffing brush

Charcoal or brown shadow

Pencil brush



Finish with mascara if you haven’t applied it.


If you’re doing what I did and transitioning from a simple day look to a weekend look, to a sultry look, then to a dramatic party look, you can just follow the images in sequence and just build up the intensity.

Have fun!

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