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Benefit Gimme Brow!

Brows are important. Besides adding to the expressiveness of your face, they can make you look instantly more polished and “done” even if you’re not wearing much makeup. (AND most people never notice that a fuller, natural-looking brow also helps you look more youthful.)

I have sparse brows, as you can see from the BEFORE image, and my brow routine usually consists of filling in my brow area with a taupe/grey pencil, and then tinting and setting the hairs with a pale-colored brow mascara to create the look of “lotsa hairs” while taking down the color a bit so they don’t look too drawn in.

At a dinner-event (foodporn shot above at Tiong Bahru Bakery if you’re interested!), Benefit introduced its new multi-tasking brow product “Gimme Brow”. Now this nifty, dinky little tube contains a water-resistant, long-wearing fiber-gel, which can be used like a brow pen AND a brow mascara. Perfect if you want to minimize clutter, or to do your brows on the go.

The 2 application steps are:

  • Use the tip like a regular brow pen/pencil and “fill in” your brow shape by coloring right on the skin. (My tip is to hit the sparsest spot first and spread outwards, so you get the most pigment where its needed.)
  • After you’ve  more or less got your shape filled in, re-dip your brush into the tube, then use it like a traditional brow mascara to beef up the lash hairs.



You can build and build this up until you’re satisfied, because the color is sheer and the water-resistant formula doesn’t clump or set stiff and hard.

The extra benefit is that the formula isn’t a super dark one so it’s easier to control the color build-up layer by layer and decide how much pigment you need without much risk of going overboard. (I filled in my brow, then applied 3 coats to the hairs, and happily, I didn’t turn into Bert from Sesame Street.)


If you accidentally go outside of your brow area with the brush, you can just use a cotton bud to rub out the mistakes around the edges.

The Cons?

The tiny mascara brush isn’t the fastest for getting the job done so don’t expect the same speed as a felt-tip brow pen or pencil. if you have sparse brows like me, it DOES take a bit of time to layer and layer before you get a full look as well, so if you’re short on time, I’d still recommend filling it in with a pencil or powder like Brow Zing first, and THEN using Gimme Brow to just groom and add texture.

Gimme Brow is available in the US already, and in Singapore from October 2013, in 2 shades at SGD35:

  1. Light/Medium
  2. Medium/Deep (which I used above)

P.S. If all this is too much hassle, you can always stop by a Benefit Brow Bar to get your brows waxed, shaped, and done to perfection!

Brow wax - SGD22

Brow and Lip wax - SGD31

Lip wax - SGD16

Chin wax -  SGD17

Lip and Chin Wax - SGD25

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