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Hong Kong - Travel Adventures!

This isn’t really a pure makeup post.

I’m on a short holiday in Hong Kong, and don’t have a whole lot of time to do posts but I thought I’d leave you with some pictures! (I’ve done some major hauling so all that will be in another post as well.)

Captions and descriptions!

1. Hong Kong! (Nathan Road)

Hong Kong is a mish-mash of contrasting things, where old meets new, and different cultures collide.

2, 3. Dim Sum at Maxim’s Place (City Hall)

Ladies pushing carts and holding laden trays will meander past tables and offload an assortment of yummy dishes categorized into fried, steamed, baked, rich, congee, dessert, etc.

Just sit, point, and eat yourself into a carb-induced coma.

4, 5, 6. ”Ladies’ Street” Market (Tung Choi)

A massive warren of streets lined to the gills with tarped stalls selling souvenirs, clocks, mobile accessories, shoes, clothes, lingerie, snacks and “designer-inspired” bags.

7. Traditional steamed rice bowl with chicken, sausage. You get a separate bowl filled with brown sauce and can add as little or as much in your bowl as you like.

8. Yee Shun Steamed Milk desserts

These are a unique Hong Kong specialty, where fresh milk is mixed with egg and different natural flavors (including chocolate, coffee, ginger, red bean, etc) and steamed into a bowl of melt-on-your-tongue custard.

9. Giuseppe Zanotti studded platform heels

The Hong Kong experience is never complete without shopping, shopping, shopping. Like Singapore, the island city boasts a huge range of international luxury brands and is a favorite of regional fashionistas because prices tend to be lower than neighboring countries. (I’ve already got a massive haul that I will post about separately.)

10. Sasa!

No beauty freak will ever visit Hong Kong without stepping into at least 1 or 2 or 3 Sasa outlets. They stock both US drugstore brands, as well as Korean, Japanese, French AND UK ones. If you’re keen to find harder-to-locate brands like Lavshuka, GOSH, No.7, Max Factor, etc, chances are you’ll find them in beauty supply stores and drugstores like Mannings, Watsons’ and Sasa.

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