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Fragrance Obsession/Review: Korres Pepper Jasmine Gaiac Wood

I think Korres doesn’t get enough attention for its masterfully-crafted all-natural perfumes. Pepper Jasmine Gaiac Wood is just one of the ones I love enough to own (I like almost ALL of their scents), but I’d say firstly that the name isn’t at ALL indicative of what it smells like. It’s not an obvious floral or woody scent.

But then jasmine is a very dense, sweet flower that sometimes smells like candy or fruit, so it’s no surprise.


Pepper Jasmine Gaiac is spice laced with a little white chocolate.

That’s the only way I’d describe it. It really reminds me of Victor & Rolf Spicebomb, but without the heavier and sweeter tobacco and saffron vibe. I fell in love with this at first sniff.


Top notes: anise, citrus, sandalwood, vanilla

Heart notes: Jasmine, passion fruit, Gaiac wood

Base notes: pepper, white chocolate, greenery, peach.

They’ve placed pepper, green notes and peach in the base, and sandalwood and vanilla in the top, a reverse of usual scents. But it works for me. I never really get much fruitiness from the scent though, so if you are looking for a fruity-sweet or gourmand fragrance, this is not it. Once it dries down, it’s more a creamy skin-scent with depth and a fresh bite of spice.

Yum and clean at the same time!

Lasting power is average for a floral EDT with a slightly sweet base (about 4-5 hours on my skin), and I would say the scent projection (how far the fragrance diffuses) is quite low. This is a scent that hugs you, so while it’s not one of those fresh, powdery or aquatic scents, it’s not overpowering on warm days.

Korres is available at, and (yes, they ship in Singapore so you don’t need to trek down to a store).

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