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Iridescent Lavender Eye feat PUPA Cosmic Beauty Iridescent Pigment in 001 

I was in Sasa in Hong Kong when I spotted a jar of loose pigment from Italian brand PUPA. It was the most incredible silvery lavender with a pale aqua-blue duochrome shift.

I couldn’t find a stockist for PUPA in the US, or outside of countries where the brand is available online. It’s not the easiest color to dupe either, and I have to say I don’t have and don’t remember anything that’s comparable to it exactly, although I did find a close shade in the 88 Shimmer palette (many different 88 shimmer palette sellers should have the same set of colors so just reference the above image when ordering), although it is far from being as dimensional as the PUPA.

Still, I did use a sparkly “over-shadow” that should take care of things if you can’t find the PUPA.

You will need:

Black liner

A navy shimmery shadow like MAC Flastrack

A pale sparkly blue like MAC Blue Willow

A dusty medium-toned lavender

False lashes (natural looking ones like Ardell 110) or black mascara






The next steps below are optional, and only recommended if you want to bling up the look. You’ll need a very sparkly, transparent pigment or a glitter like MAC’s Pressed Pigment in Blue Willow.

Tip: Pick up some product with a brush first, then spritz the bristles lightly to dampen and intensify the sheen if you don’t want the sparkle to go all over the place.



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