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Benefit Rockateur Box O’ Powder Review - the “famously provocative” one

While it’s described as being a provocative “rush of heat” and a rose-gold, Benefit’s Rockateur blush is really a very NICE, flirty, soft, girl-next-door flush. If you’re imagining Nars Orgasm after reading the product descriptions (like me), you’ll be surprised when you actually try the product.

The sparkly-gold over-spray goes away after the first use, so don’t imagine that this is going to be as shiny as Orgasm. The main color you get is what you see on the “ROCK” embossed in the center of the pan, a soft tawny fleshy-pink that intensifies to an almost-bronze hue when layered. (See my wrist swatch.)

This is for:

  • Pale to medium-light girls who want a nice glow that’s part blush, part bronzer
  • Daily use (this blush is very forgiving, even if you’re not a pro at blending)
  • Natural looks, or when you want your blush to just take a backseat and complement the rest of your makeup
  • Buffing into your socket line or over the lids for a little warmth that doesn’t look like eye shadow
  • A soft warm glow and sheen leaning towards a highlight on darker skins (it’s translucent enough to give a pretty glow without looking chalky)

This is probably not as good for:

  • Tan to darker-skinned girls who are expecting a strong blush or bronzer (this doesn’t have enough pigment to work in that way)
  • Girls who want a matte cheek (there IS still a noticeably dewy sheen, though you won’t look like a disco-ball)

Rockateur comes in the signature cardboard square with a brush, like all other Benefit face powders, and is available wherever Benefit is sold (but only launched from October 2013 in parts of Asia, and for SGD46 in Singapore).

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