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Chanel Le Vernis in 657 Azuré: Gloss vs Matte

And my obsession with Chanel polishes and blue shades continues. This time I decided to try it with 2 finishes.

Gloss: I applied 2 coats of Azuré over base coat, finished with top coat.

Matte: I applied Essie’s Matte About You over the nails and let set. The finished effect is actually more matte and cloudy looking than in the images.


I do like the chrome effect that a matte topcoat gives over some metallic polishes! Certainly more interesting than traditional creme polishes, but in this case, it seems the beautiful blue-green duochrome disappeared and I was left with a nice, but flat, teal.

Better to try it with a regular metallic instead.

Tip: Matte topcoats “wear off” and get glossier and more normal looking after awhile. You might want to refresh it with a second coat the next day just to maintain the finish a bit longer.

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