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The Body Shop: White Musk Smoky Rose Collection

Can I say this is my favorite White Musk flanker to date? And I’ve owned many. The best-selling cruelty-free range is very affordable, and while the scent is not too complex it’s still a nice reliable classic. I’ve tried the original Eau de Toilette, I tried the oil, I moved on to the Eau de Parfum, and then White Musk Blush.

Then I fell for White Musk Intrigue, and couldn’t resist White Musk Sun and White Musk Libertine the following year. (Girl has a problem…)

White Musk Smoky Rose is a far cry from its original laundry-fresh, cottony-soft namesake. I would say it’s closest to White Musk Intrigue (powdery oriental), but a little creamier and more resiny.
Top: Bergamot, pink pepper, blackcurrant
Heart: Tobacco flower, black smoky rose, orange blossom
Base: Musk, Olibanum, Immortelle
Scent development:
Smoky Rose opens like fruit soda. There’s a vague fruitiness, but mostly you get an indistinct sweetness with a zing from the pink pepper.

The topnotes don’t stick around for very long though. In about 2-5 minutes, you’ll pretty much be left with the floral heart. Don’t expect a bouquet of roses! You’re far more like to encounter the smoky, honeyed tobacco-flower accord. Good if you love the note (like me) and not so good if you don’t.
The rose and orange blossom take the backseat.
The base is very balsamy and resiny rather than musky, due to the raspy olibanum (Frankincense!) and immortelle which is a salty-syrup note that reminds me of caramel popcorn or hot pancakes.
Weird I know!
The collection includes 5 products so you can pick your scent strength, or layer for maximum longevity. 
  1. Shower gel (SGD16.90)
  2. Body lotion (SGD22.90)
  3. Fragrance Mist (SGD20.90)
  4. Eau de Toilette (SGD28.90)
  5. Eau de Parfum (SGD39.90)

There ARE slight variations in the smell depending on the formula. 

I haven’t smelt the shower gel, but they usually smell similar to the fragrance mists.

The lotion is the one where a honeyed rose is more apparent to my nose. It’s not as musky or smoky as the other products.

The fragrance mist is the one where the musk seems a bit more apparent, along with the creamy tobacco and immortelle flower. Almost no noticeable fruit notes. 

The EDT is the one with a more pronounced fruitiness compared to the other products. It stays almost fruity-floral for awhile, before warming up to the smoky floral heart, accompanied by a resiny base. Scent lasts for a very respectable amount of time (4-5 hours on my skin)

The EDP is where the scent is the thickest and most “Creamy/musky”. There is hardly any fruitiness before the richer darker notes take over. The rose and orange blossom are almost drowned out by the tobacco flower and the base notes. Lasting power is not significantly longer than the EDT.

I would actually recommend the EDT over the EDP in this case, simply because it smells more nuanced and lasts just as long, but for a lower price.

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