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Shimmery Apricot Cheeks: My Latest Makeup Obsession

I like my glowing peachy-pink cheeks!! I’ve been wearing shimmery peachy shades for that dewy, fresh, “I’m not wearing tons of blush” flush. The trick is to look for textures that aren’t too gritty and sparkly and to apply it with a firmer or flatter brush so you don’t scatter sparkles everywhere.

Here are favorites I was rotating through in the past month.

Sephora Abricot - for a golden-tinged highlight and a no-blush look.

The Body Shop Coral - for a nice soft peach glow on light olive- or gold-based skins or non-chalky highlight on darker skintones

The Balm Hot Mama - for a more dramatic watermelon flush and LOTSA yellow-gold sheen

Benefit Rockateur - for an idiot-proof every-day fresh, dewy glow

Chanel Discretion (limited) - for a satiny lit-from-within glow

PUPA 09 - for a girly candy-ish pink with a touch of gold

MAC Lust (limited) - for a soft neutral shade with an unexpectedly intense rose sheen when your cheekbones hit the light

Tips for wearing:

  1. If you have pink undertones, try to go for the slightly more pink-based shades as the very golden ones can look a little jaundiced and yellow on you. If you have yellow undertones, you can pretty much wear any shade.
  2. If you have very tan skin, look out for shimmery blushers where the metallic shimmer is not a pearl/white color, but a richer peach or pink, like MAC Lust.
  3. For multi-tasking versatility, go for a shade that is slightly lighter than a typical blush you would use, but deeper than a highlighter. The peach/pink color should still show up against your skin when built up but the sheen is enough to emphasize your facial contours too.
  4. To avoid highlighting pores on certain areas of the skin and looking like a disco-ball, use a flatter or smaller brush (I love Sephora’s Flat Brush) to almost “pat” color just along the peaks of the cheekbones and across the center of the nose. A big loose brush will scatter shimmer all over where you might not want it.

What I like to do is to apply a little matte bronzer for contouring and depth, and then gently pat a little apricot shimmer along the peaks of my cheekbones just to add a bit of soft color and shine without looking like a lot of blush.

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