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Eyeliner Tutorial with NYX Studio Liquid Liners in Extreme Coffee and Extreme Purple

I wanted to test out a couple of NYX metallic liquid liners and combine them in a single dual-color look, and the 2 shades I picked were Extreme Purple and Extreme Coffee.

The trick when doing a look like this is to use the darker shade on the outsides and the brighter or lighter shade in the center of the eye, for a naturally contoured look.

Tip: To check which color is deeper, remember to swatch on the back of your hand and wait for them to dry. Some shades dry duller or darker than they look in the tube.


I used a matte taupe from The Body Shop called 220 Chocolate Linger.




Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black.

Tip: Dampen your fingers with a little non-oily makeup remover and pinch off any liquid liner that got on your lashes. Otherwise you’ll get bad clumps!

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