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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Noel 2013: Asia-exclusive “Palettes Parisien Nite” Avenue Marceau and Rue de Babylone swatches!

Despite the other two venerated French couture houses Chanel and Dior going with neutral palettes (accented with stronger lips), Pink is in for YSL Beauté this holiday season!

From November, the brand will be launching 2 limited edition palettes; one for the eyes and one for the cheeks, centered around soft, luminous, spun-sugar tones.

Avenue Marceau - a wet & dry eye shadow quad with mauve, ivory, gold and deep purple shadows that are translucent glimmering washes when used dry, and beautifully metallic when applied wet.

Rue de Babylone - a cotton-candy pink blush that’s matte, with a pearlescent “heart”. Don’t worry about it looking frosty; the colors blend together to form a luminous pink. The best thing is the heart isn’t an overspray, so you don’t have to worry about it disappearing after 1-2 uses. (I’d say this color suits pale to medium skins better as it has a very pale and almost matte base which can be too pastel for darker skins.)

Picture notes: Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick No 27 and Glossy Stain No 17 in the top image are not part of the holiday collection; just posed there for visual effect since they go perfectly with the 2 palettes! (And yes, they are 2 of my absolute favorite lip colors from the brand.)


Unfortunately, these 2 palettes are Asia-exclusives, so if you don’t reside here, you’ll have to look out for it while you’re traveling here, or else ask someone to bring it back for you as a super-luxe stocking stuffer!

Avenue Marceau retails at SG$88 and Rue de Babylone at $70. Both will be available at the YSL Beauté boutique in ION from this coming weekend.

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