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Clinique Colour On The Go - Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 Coffret

Super, super cute gift idea for the holidays!

This little kit is actually a set of 5 miniature Long Last Glosswear colors along with a pretty little fuchsia nylon pouch (for coins, cards, etc) lined with purple and orange.

You can choose to attach up to 3 glosses around the key-chain, to bring out with you. Perfect for people like me who can’t decide what lip color to wear for the day. (And incidentally, I was looking for a new card pouch so this is perfect.)

The glosses are teeny-tiny (about 2 inches tall - 1ml each) so they’ll fit into pockets easily, and while they won’t last very long, you’ll still get a decent amount of use out of each one. Great to bring on a vacation to keep your makeup bag light, or as a gift for someone who’s new to makeup and wants to try out different colors before committing to a full-sized tube.

The bonus is that this set is affordable (the company has lowered prices of all its holiday gift sets in Singapore, and this now costs SG$39) and completely adorable to look at.

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