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My Daily Lash Routine

If you want super long and well-curled lashes, you have 3 options.

  1. Wear falsies
  2. Go for lash extensions
  3. Do your best to maximize what you have!

The first thing to remember is that it’s not just about what mascara you use. If you have very stubborn lashes (thick hair shaft) that straighten quickly, then you’ll do better with waterproof formulas which are stiffer. If your lash shafts are medium-thickness like mine and aren’t too hard to curl, regular mascara will work fine.

Here are a few tools that I use to get good results regardless of whether I’m using a cheap mascara or an expensive one!


Lash-maximizing tools from left: Lancôme Cils Triple Boost, Browlash EX Gel Liner, and New Eyecurl II heated lash curler (available at Sasa).


Tip: Running a little black liner along the upper lash line and smudging it out mimics shadow cast by dense lashes and helps to “fill in” the visible gaps between your lash hairs

imageLengthening is not done just to the tips of the lashes. Well-done tight-lining at the base of the upper lash line “extends” the lashes at the roots, by creating the illusion that they start 1-2mm lower than they really do. 

I like the newer gel liners in pen form, like ones from Lancome, Shu Uemura, or the numerous Japanese drugstore brands.

Tip: Apply only right at the base of your lashes and not too far in toward the eye. This way, it doesn’t smudge off as easily onto your lower lash line.

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