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Shu Uemura “Pink Princess” Look (6 Heart Princess Collection)

This is a super-girly look! I’m not one to wear these tones usually, but when you look at that palette and those lashes, they’re just BEGGING for a candy-ish look. 

The way to make it look a bit more grown-up and sophisticated is by using a little brown liner and a sharp flick. (If you don’t add some darkness along the lashes, pink can make the lids look puffy or swollen sometimes!)

Products used: All Shu Uemura unless stated otherwise!

Lightbulb Foundation - I wanted a glow to the skin, so I used a dewy foundation and minimal powder

6 Heart Princess “heart-full pink parallel palette”

Princess Love in Wink lashes - LOVE this design…

Brown Lasting Soft Gel Liner

No7 Precision Lip Liner in Nude

Gloss Unlimited PK 30 S

Despite all the copper and orange and pink, this palette is surprisingly flattering. Just make sure you balance out the pink with a little pale yellow/ivory, and add a little of the deeper colors to the lash line or socket to add some definition.

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