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"Golden Flower and Poisonberry"

Soft gold-toned neutral eyes are great for daily wear, and also a perfect complement to strong lips because they’re flattering, but don’t clash with any other color. 

Here is a soft, nuanced 5-shade neutral eye that is pretty easy to do, and even though it uses 5 colors and brings out the eye contours, it doesn’t look dramatic or heavy. In fact, it’s perfect for a wedding if you’re planning to wear a stronger lip. (But don’t feel you need to use every color in a palette for daily wear. This is just a more subtly dimensional and contoured look. 2 shades - peach/ivory all over the lid and bronze/brown along the socket and lash line is enough for regular days!)

I used Dior’s limited edition palette Golden Flower, but you can definitely find similar shades from other eyeshadow palettes or brands. Just look for colors similar to the ones in the swatches. 


Dior 5 Couleur palette in 634 Golden Flower

[Optional] Shu Uemura lasting soft gel pencil in 02 M Brown - or any matte brown pencil - along waterline for extra intensity if you need to balance out a strong lip

Clinique High Impact mascara in Black

Benefit Box o’ Powder in Rockateur on cheeks for a subtle flush

Make Up Store lip pencil in Jazz (deep purple) all over lips

Lime Crime lipstick in Poisonberry

Tip: Swop out the dark metallic purple lip for red, coral, nude, blush-pink, or a deep dark blood-red; pretty much any color you want! I just wanted the drama of a purple versus soft gold neutrals.

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