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Holiday Look #3: Longwearing Soft and Glowy (feat. Benefit Groovy Kind-a Love Kit)

Not everyone’s into a smoky eye or red lips and winged liner. If you prefer the subtle enhancement of a low maintenance “girl-next-door” look that will last the night, this one’s for you!

I used a nifty little limited edition kit from Benefit, “Groovy Kind-a Love”, which includes minis of Porefessional balm, Benetint, 4 neutral brown shadows, a mini They’re Real mascara, and mini dandelion/gimme fever duo. Everything you need for an ultra-natural and flattering look.

Products: everything in the kit except for the concealer, lip liner and lipbalm.

Concealer - Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer #2

Lip liner - Givenchy Lip Pencil #3

Lipbalm - use any pot balm you have that gives a slight sheen!


Layering blush is a way to make it last the whole day, but be careful not to go overboard or you could end up with overly red cheeks. The thinnest layer of both will go a long way.

Try Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer on the lids as an eyeshadow primer!

To avoid a stain wearing away unevenly on the lips, use a thin layer of nude liner as a base first.

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