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Make Up Store Winter 2014 Collection Swatches

Here is a quick overview of 2 looks in the Make Up Store 2014 Winter collections.

The first is Tattoo - biker-themed with dark matte pine-green and scarlets. 

The collection does actually come with temporary tattoos, and also cute gunmetal-grey skull nail-art pieces, as well as 2 beautiful greens. (Faisal is more eye-catching but I personally love the deep-dark kombu green Erik.)

The key piece to check out is CLEO gloss, which is the most amazing glittery red. Instant statement lips!

The Moscow collection features softer dreamier duochrome colors, with antique gold, dark blue-brown, and a soft marine-blue.

This set has 2 of my favorite shadows in the range. Volga is an alternative to MAC Blue Brown pigment or Club shadow, but it’s less red than those 2. It goes on the way MAC Blue Brown looks in the jar. If you have light skin, this is actually a better option as you are less likely to look like someone socked you in the eyes.

The other favorite is Dagger, which is GORGEOUS antique gold/green. 

If you’re a fan of deep dark lips, as I am, slim lipstick #401 is also a must-try. It’s dark but it leans purple instead of brown, which is always more dramatic and flattering.

The one catch is this Swedish brand doesn’t get as much attention, and isn’t as widely available, as it should be. In terms of brand aesthetics, seasonal campaigns, and the range of colors, I would actually liken it to the often more hyped Illamasqua. 

I’ve been a long-time fan of the generous-sized 3.5g microshadows, and Black Orchid (black-plum) and Magic (black-purple metallic) are 2 of my favorite dark lipsticks, along with Jazz lip pencil, back when these super-dark colors weren’t easily available in Singapore. 

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