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All That Glitters: My Collection Glam Crystal Liner review and color picks!

Collection has finally come to Singapore! Now available at select Watsons’ stores, I couldn’t resist stopping by to check out their famed glitter liners. (Same quality as Urban Decay, but with a bigger range of colors, and a much lower price? I’m there!)

Is it cheaper than Urban Decay? Yes. But not by that much when you consider how cheap these are in the UK. (They’re S$16.90 here.)

Are they beautiful? Yes. There are more than 10 shades available if I don’t recall wrong, but these 4 were what I picked out as being the most fine-grained, and even to apply. There were some other colors that were equally pretty, but they were either too chunky or just a pain to apply.

Note: I didn’t pick any glitter liners that took more than 2 coats to apply evenly. These weren’t the only good ones, but hey - I’m not buying ‘em all!

Of the 4 shades, these are in order of preference:

  1. Hustle - this gorgeous silver is speckled with a whole rainbow of greens, pinks, blues, reds, golds. It looks incredibly dimensional, and it also goes on smooth in 2 - sometimes just 1 - coat.
  2. Funk - this lovely beige gold is super fine and the color is glitzy enough to jazz up your look, while still being extremely chic and neutral. Goes on evenly in 2 coats.
  3. Night Fever - this beautiful royal blue is slightly chunkier than the 2 shades above, so it can be slightly less precise during application (stray clumps and flecks will shift out of position). But the color! 2-3 coats for evenness.
  4. Le Freak is a lovely mermaid-tail turquoise. It’s also very fine-grained. The only issue with it is the green liquid base is a little runny so it is harder to apply a very fine line.Also the liquid colorants tends to stain the skin, so be prepared to be wearing teal for quite a while!

Overall, I’d say these are worth checking out for sure - especially if you’re in countries where the price is low. If you’re in Singapore, I’d say t’s still worth picking out a couple of shades if you’re a glitter liner person. (They’re really as good quality as high end ones).

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