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Low-end pretties: Canmake, Coffret D’or, Rimmel 

Yes, this is proof there are low-end drugstore beauty products that work as good as a lot of higher-end ones. And here are 3 of the ones I’ve been addicted to since I got them.

The Coffret D’Or blush/highlighter compact which caused quite a lot of hearts to flutter on Instagram. Plus, it’s on the slightly paler side, which makes it great as a base for a halo effect under more intense blushers.

Tip: Don’t just get sucked in by pretty over-sprays and beautiful visuals on blusher/highlighters like these. ALWAYS swirl all the colors together and swatch the mixture to see if you can actually see any color. There are a lot of beautiful looking compacts that are either too pale or too chalky (it looks like nothing but a lifeless beige/white) to do anything useful.

Canmake Cheek Brush 01 is made with very soft synthetic bristles, ombre-ed pink at the tips for maximum cuteness, doesn’t shed, and costs very little. What’s not to love?

Rimmel Marshmallow Look lipstick in 007. URGH why is it that Rimmel had to be discontinued in Singapore just when they came out with quite a lot of interesting products? One of the things I instantly gravitated to in Tokyo drugstores was the Marshmallow Look lipstick range. I don’t know what exactly makes these lipsticks “marshmallow-like”, but they’re just perfectly good creme lipsticks to me. And that pinky-beige nude, 007, is just perfect for a balance between mod and girly.

(Photo notes: Anna Sui “tiara” ring with lavender stones on top-left.)

P.S. Shots were taken by the window so they might look slightly paler than the actual!

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