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Ahhhhh… my favorite matte red liquid lip stain is Lime Crime’s Red Velvet from the Velvetines collection, and the company’s recently launched a deep fuchsia pink version called “Pink Velvet” that I was obviously dying to try.


It’s gorgeous. (The product is still slightly moist on my lip swatch. It eventually settles into a fully-matte velvety rich magenta pink that stays on for hours.)

If you’re a matte-pink lover, this is one product you just HAVE to try. It’s not as neon or bright as I’d feared. In fact, it’s like a more intense version of MAC’s Girl About Town in a Retro Matte finish (with a weightless feel). Which means it flatters most skin tones from pale to dark, and it’s more tolerable than typical matte lipsticks.

And that’s all I need to say about it!

Photo product details: OPI Shorts Story, Britney Spears Curious: In Control bottle, Kose Visee blush PK-5, iPhone in a “purse”-shaped rubber case from the $2 store.

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