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Beauty Lemmings/Wishlist for Spring 2014

A short list of some of the new (and old) products that totally caught my fancy. Sorry for those that saw an incomplete post when this was published accidentally the other day.

Was tagged on Instagram to do this (find me @makeup_box if you’re on there too!), so I figured I’d do it on Tumblr as well!

  • Chantecaille Save the Bees collection ((just LOOK at the things!!! PRETTYYYYY….)
  • Guerlain Cruel Gardenia (not a new release): I love it but it’s so incredibly expensive (over $150, if I recall correctly, at the local DutyFree)
  • MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection - Mineralize Blushes (these look super nice): Azalea in the Afternoon - Mid-tone cool pink, Petal Power Coral - pink with gold shimmer
  • OCC Plastic Passion Spring 2014 collection (Matte liptars?? Get me there right now!)
  • Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Eye palettes: This collection of 3 quads in different nude tones is SO delicious-looking….
  • La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Dry Oil: This latest release from the brand is a super splurge ($500 in Singapore), and while I am not one to skimp on skincare – I bought my first jar of La Mer at 21 after all – I’ve actually “grown out” of the super-premium products in the past few years because there are often cheaper things that work just as well for my needs. Still, I tried this lightweight oil at a recent press event, and it is DIVINE….

What are some things you’re really dying to own right now?

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