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Guerlain Météorites Blossom Collection Spring 2014

I remember being a kid and completely fascinated by Guerlain Meteorites the first time I saw them. I couldn’t figure out why there was a face powder made up of all these improbably shades (green?!), but it just seemed magical to me. 

From the 90s onwards, lots of brands started copying Guerlain and coming up with their own bronzers, blushes, and highlighters as jars of multicolored pearls, but nothing ever took the place of Guerlain.

If you’ve never tried them and aren’t sure what they are, these are the original “beauty powders”. They are finishing powders dusted on after all your makeup is done, to impart a soft radiance and blur discolorations and fine lines. 

02 Clair is the original cult classic shade, but the brand came out with several variations over the years. (I remember using a pale gold and pale pink version in the early 2000s.)

This time though, Guerlain has reworked the colors to cater to different skintones. If you want to collect these, do note that going too pale isn’t all that flattering. You CAN go darker though.

I own 02 Clair, 03 Medium, and 04 Doré (01 just looks white on me). Clair is the right finishing powder for a light skintone. Medium just adds a slight warmth to paler skins, and Doré works like a soft bronzer. 

The new tins are also incredibly pretty, with the Mermaid scale embossing along the flanks. (Not a surprise that many women buy these just because of how beautiful they look on the dresser.)

Other items in the Spring 2014 makeup range: 

  1. Meteorites Brush - the new brush has longer bristles for a softer and more subtle application
  2. Ecrin Sourcils brow kit - 4 powders; 3 shades and 1 highlighter, to match every hair color
  3. Meteorite Bubble Blush - in 2 shades; 01 PINK, 02 CHERRY (coral)
  4. Ecrin 4 Couleurs palette - 503 Les Tendres (limited); a gorgeous Spring neutral palette of taupe and plum, with a soft aqua highlight shade that isn’t too strong or over the top
  5. Ecrin 2 Couleurs duo - 09 Two VIP (limited); a rich brown and a sparkly purple shimmer 
  6. Stardust Gloss D’enfer and Colour Lacquer -  GLOSS D’ENFER 900 STARDUST, LA LAQUE COULEUR 862 STARDUST (both limited); these lip and nail topcoats add a smattering of beautiful cool sparkles that make any lip color pop
  7. Rouge Automatic - 171 ATTRAPE COEUR, 144 INSOLENCE (limited); 2 bright pinks, one cooler and one coral-based. 

A note on the new meteorites vs old meteorites:

There are plenty of reviews on the difference, and here are my personal thoughts. The older meteorites were more powdery, and the particles were larger and more visibly sparkly. The new Meteorites are creamier in consistency, and finely-milled so you get a glow, rather than a visible shimmer. I prefer the newer texture because they work better as finishing/beauty powders, but if you are looking for an obvious highlighter, you might prefer the older ones.

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