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Rainbow! My Makeupgeek Eyeshadow and Pigment Swatches and a Super-Quick Review

Ah…. what’s better than affordable, beautiful shadows?

I picked out 24 shades and 4 pigments from the Makeupgeek (MUG) line for review, and here they all are. You’ve already seen me use Latte shadow and Afterglow pigment in a red eyeliner look a while back.

But I figure I should swatch everything and let you see them before I forget. 

All swatches are done on bare skin, without primer, without wetting.

My verdict:

Love the pigments I got. Liquid Gold is just incredible, and I can just imagine Paparazzi applied wet as a thick sparkly liner. Both the soft champagne shades are beautiful as well, though one is sheer and sparkly, the other is satin.

Shadows-wise, I did find some of the matte and sparkly shade felt a little gritty when touched, and Stealth, Bitten and Latte were probably the patchiest of the shadows here. You have to make sure your lids are either completely dry, or else covered with an even layer of primer so that everything goes on evenly. And press/pack your matte shadows on. Don’t buff these.

The black shade, Corrupt, on the other hand, felt gritty and grainy, but it went on beautifully and was absolutely jet back even without a base. Worth getting out if you can’t seem to find a good black shadow.

As for the metallics, most of them are beautiful and smooth. My top picks are: Homecoming, Cosmopolitan, Nautica, Shimmermint, Pretentious, Twilight.

For those of you outside of the US, ships internationall and prices start from US$6 for smaller orders. 

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