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Lancôme Lip Lover! A New Love And The Epic 18-Swatch Post

Lancôme’s new lip-treatment slash plumping lip-gloss, aptly called Lip Lover, finally hits Singapore, and aren’t the shades just glorious? The best thing is these don’t feel like typical sticky glosses that look shiny but feel drying on the lips.

And my lips are testament to their conditioning properties because usually by the 4th or 5th lip swatch, they’re all parched and wrinkly-looking and by the end of the night they’ll be all raw and painful. I managed to hang on through 18 consecutive swatches (ouch), and they were going numb towards the end, but looked perfectly smooth even after the product was removed LOL.


  • Non-sticky
  • Lip-balm texture with 1/3 emollients to provide lip-care properties
  • More pigmented than typical glosses
  • 18 gorgeous plumping shades from nudes to brights to deeps, available in Singapore, and it was hard to pick out faves below
  • Can be applied sheer or built up for lacquer like shine
  • Super easy-to-use applicator that doesn’t deposit too much or too little product


  • Pricey (SGD40 per tube)
  • Very lightweight and balm-like so lasting power is as you’d expect; you might reapply more and run out of product quicker than with a sticky gloss
  • Some of the paler and darker shimmery shades have pigments that will settle into lines, but that’s mostly only visible on camera in hi-res with bright lamp light, and not very obvious in real life
  • A couple of the fuchsias look slightly similar to one another

My favorite colors?

Soft shades

  • 316 Rose Attrape-Cœur - a soft pinky beige shimmer that’s one of Lancome’s recommended “it shades”
  • 320 Ambre Arabesque - soft coral-beige shimmer
  • 321 Rose Contre-temps - perfect My Lips But Better shade

Brighter shades

  • 336 Orange Manège - bright pink coral
  • 337 Lip Lover - the namesake of the collection is a soft neutral rosy shade with a magenta pink shift

Stronger shades

  • 355 Framboise Etoile - slightly sparkly deep fuchsia
  • 353 Rose Gracieuse - not quite red, not quite rose, not quite coral

In Singapore, Lancôme Lip Lover will only be available at Sephora from 1 - 14 May, before it reaches other counters island-wide from 15th onwards. My recommendation is to try these on the lips instead of just looking at the tube or swatching on the hand. These have varying degrees of translucency and many have multi-dimensional pigments so just looking at it in the tube is not going to be accurate.

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