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Clouded Sky: Kick-*ss Pastels with Make Up Store Products!

I’m working with a few of Make Up Store’s Summer collection products/colors today, and these include 2 BEAUTIFUL beautiful matte shades. A dusty grey-blue and a soft taupe grey (that doubles as a contour color). To contrast with the silky matte textures, I also added a pop of gold in the inner corners.

The paper lashes are COMPLETELY optional but I thought the colors and textures were so dreamy I just had to add those as an option. You can wear just one along the top lash (like in the pictorial image) or wear 2 (like in my face shot) for extra drama. It gives a slight harlequin goth makeup effect.


  1. Base: Make Up Store CC Foundation
  2. Setting Powder: (not pictured) ClearLast Powder in Shirohada 
  3. Blush: Dior Healthy Glow Color Awakening Blush
  4. Brow pencil: Shu Uemura Hard Formula 9
  5. Brow Mascara: MAC Brow Set in Toasted Blonde (discontinued; use Girl Boy)
  6. Blue Shadow: Make Up Store Clouded Sky
  7. Taupe Shadow: Make Up Store Beaver
  8. Deep brown Shadow: Make Up Store Volga
  9. Brown liner: Tarte Moonstone Brown
  10. Mascara: Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara in Black
  11. Paper lashes: Paperself Small Peacock Lashes
  12. Pink lipstick: Make Up Store Lipstick Pen in Bubblegum (love this color)
  13. Pink sparkly gloss: Make Up Store LED Gloss in Sparkle (They weren’t kidding when they named it; I was shocked by the insane amount of fine-grained sparkles in silver, purple, and pink. This is what I wish MAC Dazzleglasses looked like!)


For more info and tutorials using Paperself lashes, click here!

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