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Paradise Colors: Summer-inspired Eye look

It’s time to jazz things up with some brighter colors, inspired by the runways. I’m doing a tropical-paradise color scheme, with lush emerald green, rich brown, and a glowing turquoise.

You will also need a brown pencil for definition and an aqua/turquoise (optional) colored pencil to echo the blue on the waterline.

I used Coastal Scents Hot Pots on the lids and Bourjois pencils, but do use any alternatives you have. You can do a look with similar colors; they don’t need to be identical.

Step 1: Instead of following the color-wheel (blue, green, brown), I wanted a little extra contrast by putting the brightest color in the center of the lid, where it will pop against the dark brown.

Apply along the inner 1/3 of the lower lash line as well.

Step 2: Pick up the bright aqua or blue and pack it down the center of the lid. Don’t blend it out too much as you want the color to be quite intense.

Apply the same along the center portion of the lower lash line.

Step 3: Pack the dark brown into the outer 1/3 of the lids, and then gently run it inwards along the socket line, until you reach about the center of the lids, above the bright aqua.

As before, run the dark brown along the outer 1/3 of your lower lash lines to finish.

Step 4: Here’s the fun part. Run a brown pencil along the upper lash line for definition and some extra contrast against the aqua blue.

On the lower lash line, I actually used a bright turquoise blue pencil (Bourjois 54 Bleu Clinquant) to match and intensify it.

Then I finished with black mascara.

Defined Metallic-Turquoise Wing (L’oreal Innocent Turquoise)

Time for a more dramatic, defined eye! This is a shape that would work on both double- and mono-lids because the contour again follows the hollow of the eye socket. 

Feel free to replace the turquoise with any color you enjoy!

I used:

  • Black liner
  • Deep rust-brown (Coastal Scents Cherry Chocolate)
  • Bright Turquoise Shimmer (L’oreal Infallible in Innocent Turquoise)

Step 1: With your black liner, you want to first draw a very precise shape. The first line goes along the lower lash line from the INSIDE-OUT. Draw the line thick and make sure you get it into the roots of your lashes because you don’t want gaps there. Pull it out past the outer corners until you reach just past where the hollow of your eye socket ends.

If you’re not sure where, don’t extend it. Do Step 2 below first, then pull the lower line up to meet the upper line.

Step 2: Run the pencil along the hollow of your eye socket (not the crease where the fold is; this should be higher and you can feel it with your fingers). Tip for beginners: Do it in 2 strokes. Start from the center of your eye out, THEN from the center of your eye in, but much lighter-handed this time. Don’t draw the line all the way to the inner corners because you want your eyes to look more “open”. 

Step 3: Now’s the time to smudge a bit more pencil into the outer corners, within the shape you drew earlier. Then use a brush or your fingers to fade the black inwards slightly. The black should not extend past about 1/3 of your lid.

Step 4: Now that the complicated part is out of the way, just use a flat brush to pick up a dark red-brown and carefully press or pack it onto the black pencil. Fade it inwards also, but this time, fade it in further than the pencil, to about the center of your lids.

Step 5: For the main lid shade, pack it on very intensely from the inner corners, overlap the brown a bit as you fade outwards. Stay within the border drawn by your pencil earlier. Since I’m using an Infallible pigment, I’m just packing it on with my fingers rather than a brush. This formula works best with fingers because of the high binder content.

Step 6: Finishing touch for the lids; reapply a little dark brown along the upper borders of the eye shape if your colorful shadow has covered it up a little. The line should be very defined and strong or this will turn into a typical smoky eye.

Step 7: Finish the eye with black mascara and black liner along the waterline if you want.

On the cheeks, I used a pale pink blush (Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye Shadow #15). Really, any pink you have will do.

On the lips, I applied a soft matte pink from MAC called Pink Plaid. If you can’t find that, something like Creme Cup would work fine.

Lakeshore: Sage-green and blue shadow tutorial (Coastal Scents Hot Pot)

I’m on a roll with these hot pots! Today, I’m using one of my ABSOLUTE favorite shades in the collection.

Lakeshore is a gorgeous duochrome smoky green-blue with a golden sheen, and very close in appearance to a much more expensive and inaccessible shadow shade “Chrome” from I Nuovi. Using duochromes is always fun because they have enough dimension to make any look more “complex” than it really is.

Despite the $1.99 price tag, the texture for this particular shade is great; smooth and creamy-feeling, and the payoff is really good as well. If you like oceanic shades, this is definitely one shadow to have in your collection.

Step 1: Use a flat angled brush to first apply a deep-dark navy shade (Coastal Scents Rainstorm) thickly along the upper lash line like a liner. Extend at the outer corners just slightly. If you own MAC Deep Truth, just use that instead.

Step 2: Using a fluffy blending brush, I applied a soft sage-green shade (Coastal Scents Spruced Up) to the inner 1/3 of the lids. 

Step 3: Using the duochrome blue-gold, do a V shape, wrapping the green applied earlier. The lower leg should be along the lash line and the top leg should be right along the hollow of the socket line.

Step 4: Reinforcing the dark blue. At the outer corner, run the same navy from earlier (Rainstorm) along the outer curve, smoking it into the blue-gold slightly. Curve down into the lash line.

Step 5: Run the navy along the outer half of the lower lash line, and the duochrome blue-gold along the inner half, using the flat angled brush.

Then curl lashes and apply mascara.

Beauty Find: Snarazoo Face and Body Paints

Those of you following my Instagram would have seen a shot I posted during my visit to my local art supply store. I love visiting for bargain finds like fabulous synthetic brushes, metallic pigments, and face/body paint supplies at really affordable prices.

My local store recently brought in Snarazoo Water-based Face and Body Paints. There were no testers in the store, so I only picked out a few colors to try, based on how they looked in the pans.

The 3 shades I got were Sparkle Green, Sparkle Blue and Electric Green.

 Sparkle Green: Rich, golden-green shimmer that goes on deeper and more forest-y than it looks in the pan. Think Poison Ivy green. Stains the skin.

Sparkle Blue: Pearlescent azure blue. Fresh, simple, pretty.


Electric Green: My favorite of the lot; this is one from the Metallic Colours face paint range, and gives a REALLY unique glowing gold/green hue. I’ll definitely be going back to check out a few more from this series, especially the whites and blacks which I’m guessing might make fabulous bases for very intense eye shadow application.


These are extremely pretty and a nicer texture than I’d ever have expected, and would make great cream shadows or eye bases. They are somewhere between MAC Cream Color Bases and Make Up For Ever Aqua Paints (or a less greasy version of Make Up Store High Tech Lighters, in that they can go on really rich and opaque due to the high wax content, but don’t set completely to a dry finish.

They can be applied thick or sheered out with damp sponges if you want to cover a larger area, but I recommend not over-applying as they can look a tad streaky or patchy.

Sheered out properly, they give a beautiful finish and set slightly, so they last better than a MAC Cream Color Base but will still rub off through wear and tear. If you have oily lids, I recommend just using them as a base for powders or they are likely to crease after a while.

They are water-based, which means they can be removed with soap and water, but be careful as some shades will stain the skin. You don’t want to go around with green lids for a day.

Snazaroo Face and Body Paints come in large palm-sized 18ml pans that cost only about £4+,  USD5+, SGD$7+ each, and also sets where you can get a whole set of colors of full-size or smaller lip-balm sized pans. These will last you forever as eye or cheek colors, and are so incredibly affordable that I really recommend you check them out if you can gain access to these!

Note: Snazaroo does ship world-wide, but you’ll need to calculate if the cost makes sense!

Crystal Blue (MAC Shimmermint and The Body Shop 42 Midnight Blue)

This is a super-simple, sparkly, colorful eye look that you can do in a few minutes with max impact.

You will need just 2 shadow shades and a mascara.

A sparkly mineral or baked shadow (I am using a limited edition shade called Shimmermint by MAC, but you can always try shades like L’oreal Innocent Turquoise or something like MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Bright Moon or the regular shadow in Aquadisiac for those with paler skin tones.)

If you want, use ANY color you want; pink, gold, lilac, green… Just match it to a corresponding dark shade (burgundy or win for pink, brown for gold, dark violet for lilac, etc).

Step 1: Because so many baked or high-sparkle shadows are low on pigmentation, you’ll need to wear them dampened for more intensity. All I do here is dampen my finger in clean water, dab it against the back of my hand so it’s not too wet, and then run it over the shadow.

You end up with something like an intense gel or cream shadow which you can simply smooth over your lids with your finger.

Step 2: With a flat brush (flat brushes pick up less pigment and allow you to control exactly where you place it), pack a dark navy blue into the outer corners of the lids and run it along the lower lash line as well. Blend it slightly into the pale shade.

Step 3: Curl lashes and apply black mascara to finish!

L’oreal 2012 Miss Candy Collection Top Picks - Infallible Shadows in Innocent Turquoise and Sassy Marshmallows

L’oreal’s new Summer collection is out in drugstores and after hemming and hawing over the colors, here are my recommendations.

L’oreal Infallible Shadows in 031 Innocent Turquoise and 032 Sassy Marshmallow. These are the 2 out of 3 shades that I find to be more “worth the dollar”. (P.S. I’m not a huge fan of glosses that aren’t intensely pigmented, so I didn’t pick any of those up.)

The swatches of the 2 shadows are as above; Sassy Marshmallow (left) and Innocent Turquoise (right). 

Sassy Marshmallow looks like a straight-silver here but it’s a little more dimensional than that in real life. It’s an icy blue-toned platinum with subtle specks of turquoise and pink. It might not look like it, but this is the most unique shade of the 3, and I recommend you check it out if you can. This shade can be worn translucent (the vari-colored flecks will show up more) or packed on strong.

The second shade, Innocent Turquoise is more of a straight-up bright, shimmery Turquoise. Despite the white and yellow flecks, this just pulls a pure turquoise, unlike Sassy Marshmallow. The beauty is in the fact that this is a true, intense aqua.

Recommended only if you’re on the market for just such a shade and don’t have anything equivalent.

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