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[Requested] 5 Favorite: Neutral Shadows, Liners, and Mascaras

Now my favorites do change ALL the time, so I didn’t want to list items that are “current favorites” until they really stand the test of time.

Here are things I’ve used mostly for years, and prefer over alternatives for various reasons.

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Weekend FOTD: Soft Glimmering Bronze lids and Metallic Nude Lips

A quick but polished look with a bit of glimmer on the lids and lips. This is something I might also wear for work, though I might go a little easier on the eyes and not make it so smoky.

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Rainbow Dreamsicle Eyeshadow Tutorial: Layering Cream Shadows!

I wanted to try a look where I layered cream shadows over one another, instead of layering powders with them. This is more of a colorful look for fun occasions (or that fantasy themed party). 

Great for:

  • Younger lids (most cream textures are shimmery and too much of it might emphasize lines around the eye corners and brow bone.
  • All eye colors; any eye look that straddle a spectrum of both warm and cool shades will work on most eye colors
  • All eye shapes (yes you can wear this if you have mono-lids too)
  • Dry to slightly-oily lids
  • Bonus: all skin tones. Cream shadows are translucent so whether you are pale or dark-skinned, they will show beautifully and not look chalky (unless you over-apply big-time)

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