"Hi! :) How would you know what kind of eyelid you have? Do you have a tutorial of sort sort? Thank you ♥ This blog is great!"

Asked by ladethima

Hi there, here’s a list of sorts!

You check by looking straight at a mirror and studying where the crease of your eye is. The below are the 3 types, but it is possible to be somewhere between 2 types.

1. Mono-lids: Many Asians have this type of eyes The fold comes down so low that you often don’t see a crease when the eye is completely open. The “mobile lid” the part that moves in and out under the crease, becomes hidden when the eyes are open, so they need to make sure makeup is applied upwards, past the fold, up to the socket, in order for it to be visible.

Many Asian women use eyelid tape or glue to increase the size of the fold or create an artificial one.

Women with this type of eye: Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, Sammi Cheng

2. Hooded Eyes: Sometimes looks similar to the Mono-Lid but not quite. The upper fold of your eyes comes down quite low at the outer corners, sometimes giving a slightly more droopy effect. The crease is very close to the lash line, and sometimes completely touches the lashes at the outer corners.

This can be genetic or sometimes happens with age, as your eye lid fold starts to sag a little at the outer corners, and it’s actually a much more common shape than we think.

Women with this type of lid: Blake Lively, Gisele Bundchen, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes

3. Double-Lids: Eyes with a standard fold above the lash line. The line does not droop down towards the lashes at the outer corners, and there’s usually a clear lid space below the crease for eye shadow application. This is generally the easiest type of lid to apply shadows on because what you see is what you get and your shadows don’t do disappearing tricks when you open your eyes.

This in no way means this is the most beautiful type of eye. It all depends on the woman!

Women with this type of lid: Jennifer Lopez, Aishwarya Rai, Cindy Crawford.

Aishwarya Rai

*Special note on Asians double-lids: Most Eastern Asians with double-lids will notice they are slightly different from Caucasian double-lids. They are almost half-way between No. 1 and No. 3, as the fold is low and close to the lashes, but its definitely a clear fold. Sometimes this type of eye can be mono-lid at the inner corners, and double-lid from the center of the lids outward.

Women with this type of eye: Shu Qi, Michelle Yeoh