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Chanel Les 4 Ombres 232 Tissé Venitien Pictorial

A quick smoky pink and smoked-jade look using the new Les 4 Ombres palette from Chanel. 

The diagrams above are pretty self-explanatory. The only things I used aside from the palette were black liquid liner (Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner) and mascara (Max Factor Wild Mega Volume mascara).

You can use false lashes if you want, but the look is quite soft, so I wouldn’t use falsies as it can hide/obscure the soft pink at the inner lids. 

[Requested] MAC Rose Gold pigment tutorial: Smoldering Russet Eye for Fall

This is a very warm eye look that works on pretty much everyone, but can bring out blue, grey and green eyes. If you don’t have blue/grey/green eyes, it’s still a beautiful look for light to dark skin tones. Don’t ever limit yourself too much based on these “color rules” because remember you are more than your eye color!

you can wear 2 ways depending on how dramatic it is and how much lid space you have.

  1. If you don’t have much lid space, you can go ahead and fade the dark brown all the way up to your brows.
  2. If you have a lot of lid space, going all the way up to the brows could look extremely dramatic, so if you want to control the drama, just blend up slightly past the hollow of your socket line.

Base - Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe 

Deep plum-brown shadow: Shu Uemura ME 761 (Alternative: MAC Satin Taupe is a cooler brown, and MAC Antiqued is a more dramatic wine-brown)

Coppery duochrome shadow: MAC Rose Gold pigment

Pale white-gold: (plenty of options!) Coastal Scents Elven Gold hot pot, MAC Vanilla pigment, Urban Decay Vanilla eyeshadow, Shu Uemura IR 811

Black liner: Essence I Heart Rock Gloss Eye Pencil (or any very soft pigmented black liner; Maybelline Master Drama and Lancome Le Stylo Pencil are very good and last better than the Essence one I used)

Black mascara - Clinique High Impact mascara in Black

Fall Eyeshadow Tones: 88 Metal Mania Palette Tutorial

Let’s take a break from the high-end makeup and play with some affordable stuff!

One of the things you can consider investing in (if you haven’t already) is the Metal Mania palette from Coastal Scents. This is an all-shimmer collection, and it’s filled with rich, high-pigmented Fall-appropriate shades ranging from neutral to violets, to teals, and pinks. 

For this soft, richly-colored look, you will need 4 shades from the palette, along with black mascara and brown pencil:





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New Pulp Fiction: Dark Lips and Nails, with soft Glittery Lids

TGIF! How about a spot of drama for the weekend?

Uber-dark lips are incredibly dramatic, but can look sophisticated at the same time. Here are a few quick tips to wear super-dark lips AND nails without going all goth or emo.

  1. Wear a bright blush. Many people don’t think to do this, but dark lips can really drain your face of color, and a glowing pink or peach on the cheeks adds some life and prettiness so the look isn’t too severe or aging.
  2. Choose soft, cool colors for the lids. A very dark lip is almost a neutral shade in itself, so if you do a brown or taupe eye, the whole thing can look very monochromatic in a 90’s sort of way. Not a bad look per se, but we’re trying to keep things modern here.
  3. Add a little texture into your look. Whether it’s a bit of sparkle or a metallic sheen to your lids, it helps to again liven up and lighten the look.
  4. If you’re new to this, go for a creamy or glossy texture rather than a matte lip.

Tips: If you like dark lips a lot, invest in a black lip mix or lipstick instead of buying tons of dark colors. (I used OCC Tarred for this, but my favorite black lip product is actually MAC Pro lipmix in Black.) Just add varying amounts of black to change up some of your colors. 


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August Beauty Preview: Lancôme L’absolu Desir, Visionnaire Yeux, and Teint Visionnaire

Lancôme’s launching a whole gamut of mouthwatering skincare and beauty products in the coming month. I’m particularly excited about the nail and skincare-related items, so read on!

L’ABSOLU DÉSIR Fall 2013 Make-up Collection


The catch-phrase for this collection is “effortless made-in-Paris chic”. The Fall colors are rich, but the textures are softer and sheerer so the overall effect is understated and elegant, without being aging or severe.

1. Blush Rose Désir: (SGD70) This gorgeous collectible embossed lumizing blush mixes peachy and pink tones to give skin color as well as a soft-focus glow. It’s designed to complement all the lipcolors in the L’ABSOLU DÉSIR range, but I haven’t had a chance to take a look at the actual product so I’ll have to let you know at a later time if this is good for all skin tones.

2. L’absolu Rouge lipsticks in 6 new shades: (SGD44) These 6 lipsticks look very strong in the tube but are actually creamy and semi-sheer, so I’d recommend 322 or 06 for the pale-skinned, and I LOVE 386 (a deep blue-based red) for medium to darker skins. They come in the same magnetized L’absolu Rouge tubes, but are jazzed up in black and gold embossed designs. If you like softer lip colors and a conditioning feel, these are great. If you want very strong, opaque colors, they might not be for you.


3. Vernis in Love “Faux Black Trio”: (SGD30) These made my heart skip a beat. (Ok, who am I kidding? I about had a seizure and started drooling on the spot when I heard this.) Lancôme’s launching - not 1, not 2 - but 3 multi-tonal “blacks”, each with its own twist of color. A black-plum (Purple Fiction), a black-brown (Black Sepia) and a black-grey (Grey Lumière). I’m not sure how similar Grey Lumière is going to be to my beloved Noir Caviar, but I’m itching to check these out.


P.S. Noir Caviar has got to be one of my most-complimented nail colors to date.

Skin - Visionnaire, Visionnaire, Visionnaire!

Those of you who are more interested in skincare and maintenance, heads-up!

I’ve mentioned repeatedly that when it comes to skin, I never skimp on serums. Of the few I love and repurchased multiple times over the years, Visionnaire LR 2412 is definitely one. At my age, I seem to have skin that can’t seem to decide if it wants to be “young” (oil and clogs) or “mature” (dryness, fine lines, uneven tones). Sometimes it almost feels dry on the surface and oily beneath. Go figure.

Visionnaire is one of those odd products that seems to be able to both, so I’m waiting with bated breath for TWO new products in the Visionnaire range.

1. Visionnaire Yeux: (SGD98; mid-August)

This fluffy, fast-absorbing, non-greasy eye cream aims to work like the serum but is more targeted at toning and reducing lines, as well as helping with discoloration around the delicate eye area.

The product comes in a hygienic twist-and-lock tube, with a soft silicone dispenser that you can use to gently tap and smooth product into your skin.


The skin around my eyes is pretty sensitive (I’ve broken out into rashes or gotten milia from some high-end eye creams before) but not from this one after about 2 weeks of daily use.

Aside from the patented LR 2412 molecule which boosts collagen production and improves skin tone and texture, the formula contains:

  1. caffeine to reduce puffiness and increase circulation
  2. Haloxyl to treat and slowly reduce the typical “bruised” coloring of dark circles caused by leaking capillaries
  3. encapsulated pigments to instantly brighten the eye area (the cream goes on clear but as you rub it, little spheres burst and release a rosy-beige tint the way skin-matching tinted moisturizers work.Test it on a sheet of white plastic and see for yourself!


2. Visionnaire Skin Perfecting Foundation and Corrector Duo: (price TBA)

This is a sort of sneak-update; it’s not launching to the public until September, although the company has hinted at a “preview” in the month of August. I’ll keep you posted once I know more!

Visionnaire Duo is one of those “makeup + skincare” multi-taskers for women who want their foundation and concealer to gradually improve their skin inside AND out. I haven’t managed to give it a full testing, so I can only say it seems to be a medium-coverage base that’s suitable for the same type of skin that would respond well to Visionnaire serum; combi/dry, normal, and combi-oily skin with visible pores, hyperpigmentation AND fine lines.


Interesting note: I was told the corrector goes on FIRST, before the foundation. (And I’m such a big advocate of Base before Corrector that I’m curious how it’s going to work out.)

November Favorites (What I’ve been wearing, carrying, reading, and more!)

My music’s mellow, my cheeks are dewy, and my scent is cozy, but other than this, my tastes have been running towards the wild and the bright, despite it being deep into the Fall season.

Eye makeup - MAC Tilt shadow

Tilt by MAC is like Superman. (Is it blue? Is it teal? Is it lime?)

This metallic shade has a fabulous texture, goes on like a dream, and gives your lids INSTANT drama, whether you’re pale or dark.

Face product - MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Blonde

I wish this wasn’t a limited edition product. I love the soft dewy pink. It’s too shiny looking to apply over your entire cheek (your pores would look like lunar craters), but run right along the peaks of your cheek bones, it’s gorgeous and more flattering than a yellow-toned highlighter. 

Lip product - Barry M Lip Paint #146 Dolly Pink

Who says you need to match the tree in your backyard just because it’s Fall??! After a few months of “natural-looking” lip colors, I’m falling back in love with intense electro-pinks. Just ditch the shimmer and use a dark/black matte shadow to create messy, winged, bad-girl eyes, and you’ll be looking SMOKIN’…

For the darker-skinned lovelies, I always recommend MAC Pink Nouveau for something that will not go on chalky-looking, but if you’re paler, put Barry M’s Lip Paint in Dolly Pink on your Xmas wishlist NOW. This old favorite is deeper than Saint Germain and paler than Pink Nouveau. (And cheaper than both.)

While you’re at it, drop in the Lip Liner Pencil #12 because it’s a PURRFECT match.

Barry M ships internationally via

Skin product - Vichy Normaderm Tri-active Hydrating Lotion

This is a daily lotion for sensitive skin that’s also oily or combination. Using harsh products to strip the oils, or loading your face up with more products just to try to control oil output can sometimes backfire, so I prefer products that don’t aggravate it any further.

This lightweight lotion feels and smells fresh. It’s not going to suddenly dry up your face and stop oil production (that never happens) but it does soothe and work to minimize issues. Just don’t forget sunscreen over it.

Nail color - China Glaze Dance Baby

Who can resist the over-the-top tackiness of electro-pop pink nails with electro-pink lips? I just couldn’t bring myself to wear Fall colors. I wore this shade for 2 weeks in the last month. (That seldom EVER happens because I rotate my shades every week.)

Body care - Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Foot Creme 

This foot creme has buffered alpha hydroxy acid to smooth and slough off dry and flaky skin on heels, and it’s so buttery and non-sticky that I use it as a hand cream instead. 

Scent - Katy Perry’s Meow

SURELY that’s not a cat, but a chunky pink alien? Surely???

Anyway, tacky-cute cat alien aside (I did grow kinda fond of it in all its kitschy, childish glory), this is a very thick creamy scent, like warm vanilla creme with a soft fruity (pear). Some people smell coconut or cotton candy in there. I don’t really get that except on the rare occasion, and it’s mostly due to the combination of notes. 

Great comfort scent for chilly days and cool nights IF you enjoy smelling like dessert.

Accessory - Coach ultraviolet “Molly” satchel

What is it about Coach that gets the stereotypical Asian tourist going berserk? I was at the Woodbury outlets and there was a Korean gentleman with 2 arms DRAPED with what must have been close to 20 bags. He had a look of focused obsession on his face, and was pacing the aisles looking for more items to grab. 

I’ve never been a fan, but the DH had been given a shopping list by the family, so I accompanied him to the Coach boutique that afternoon. Picture the very odd scene where the man is busy examining Coach bags and talking about models and colors with the sales attendants, while the woman stands to the side tapping her foot and trying not to look too bored.

That was until I caught sight of the most glorious violet leather in the entire universe (ok I exaggerate, but not by much). Not any ol’ purple, but P-U-R-P-L-E. Deep, and bright at the same time. It wasn’t just the color either. I don’t know why I never really noticed the Molly before, but I had a Goldilocks moment. The bag was not too big, not too small, not to structured, not too slouchy, with leather that was neither too thick and heavy, nor too delicate. 

I haven’t stopped carrying it since.

[For the reader who sent me a message yesterday to ask about pricing and colors, the retail price in the US is just under $350. If you’re elsewhere in the world, it’s going to cost quite a bit more. Colors include a caramel and a bright, GORGEOUS neon-pink. They also have a color-blocked version but I personally think it’s just too “noisy” for a bag this size and isn’t heart-stoppingly bright like the single-shade version.]

Entertainment - Horror/Apocalypse/Survival theme

It’s been a sort of horror month, with the morbid central attraction being post-apocalyptic scenes. 

Book - The Twelve (Justin Cronin)

TV - The Walking Dead Season 3

Music - Kate Bush “50 Words for Snow”

I first stumbled onto Kate after hearing a remixed version of “Experiment IV” by Hybrid. This amazing writer/producer/singer has been at it since the late 70s, and she’s still got it today.

50 Words for Snow is ethereal and atmospheric, and something to listen to on melancholic, quiet days. Preferably when you’re feeling a little chilly. If you enjoy Tori Amos or Cinematic Orchestra, you will probably like this album.

And isn’t that album campaign image (AND her eye makeup) just beautiful?

Let me know what some of your favorites this past month have been!

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