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Beauty Q&A: LOONG post with as many of your questions answered as I can!

I’m a teenager and I’ve been saving up my money and I have enough for a Naked basics palette. I’ve been debating and doing research and I’ve found an alternative from Sonia Kashuk that’s 6 more shades and 7 less dollars. I can’t decide which I want to go for, or I’d I should just save up for the Naked 1 or 2. Please help. Which do you like better?

I would say to check out the Sonia Kashuk first!

It’s very good quality and a collection of very flattering and pigmented colors, and aside from brand and packaging, there isn’t really a need to grab the Naked 1 or 2 if you can access the SK. Honestly, once it’s on the lids, who can tell if your neutral shadows cost $10 or $40? If at some later point, you decide that you need something with higher pigmentation levels for more dramatic makeup, it’s not too late to upgrade to something more high-end.

Hey! My graduation is next week! Mu dress is rose gold and i really need a nighttime makeup look for that color! Do you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance

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"The “Get To Know Me” Post (Some Random Facts about Candice/Makeupbox)"

There were a few requests a while back asking to know more about me outside of makeup. Sorry I took so long to get down to it!

(Long post, so if you don’t want to read skip this and I’ll be back with more pictorials tomorrow!)

1. I love most mammals and birds. I’ve owned 2 dogs, 2 turtles (which we set free eventually), 4 birds (which we also set free), and most recently a cat (who passed away last year :’(…) I donate to animal welfare organisations monthly because sometimes, the least you can do is better than nothing! 

Oh I like reptiles too. I wouldn’t pet a snake because I’m not sure they enjoy it when we do that, but I think they’re beautiful.

I want to be Cesar Milan when I grow up. (Just joking…)


2. I am a complete bookworm. I used to devour just about any book when I was a kid. Nowadays, I’ve got a mix of horror, crime/suspense, and a sprinkling of horror in my Kindle.


3. I heart Chocolate. (Cue heavenly music.)

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"In one of your last posts from anon, the one who inquired about lip color that don't make yellow teeth stand out, you showed two pictures. What's the product use in the first picture? Any cheap lip stain products you would recommend for med/dark skin?"

Asked by Anonymous

Note: Sorry if I don’t answer all your questions immediately; too many coming in right now! I’ll compile and do another long Q&A post LOL.

I’m afraid I don’t know the exact product the makeup artist used for the image (if I’m not wrong they used a dark lipstick blotted it out, reapplied and blotted again).

The best product I’d recommend to pick up would be one of the drugstore balmstains in the darkest raisin-berry color available! (Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain in Crush is kinda perfect.)


You just apply a light layer, blot, then apply a little more right in the center of your lip, if you want that ombre effect in the picture.

If you are very dark-skinned, then you might want to try Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Va Va Violet worn very sheer as a stain for a similar effect, just in a darker tone.


Makeupbox Beauty Q&A (April-May 2013)

Do you have naked 1 or 2?i want to buy 1 eyeshadow palette only. What would you recommend me?how about the vice palette?thx b4!

I don’t own either of the Naked palettes because I have so many shadows already!! But I personally prefer Naked 1 because it gives the option of doing slightly smokier looks. Naked 2 is mostly softer and lighter colors, and good if you never wear darker eyes. Vice palette is fun if you like to wear very out-there and dramatic colors on a daily basis. Otherwise it’s better to start out with a more neutral palette like the Naked 1 or 2!

Hi there! I recently bought Skin79’s Super BB cream, but when I apply it and its had adequate amount of time to dry and adjust to my skin tone, my face ends up looking greyish. I was wondering what I could do/use to combat the grey? I don’t want throw away a perfectly good bottle of BB cream! I also don’t know of anyone who wants it either. Any tips/advice would be great! x .. (ps. huge fan of your blog! I check for new posts religiously! :)

Sounds like your skin is a lot more pigmented or tanned than the BB cream can adjust to match! Many Asian BB creams darken slightly upon oxidizing, but aren’t like those color-adjusting tinted moisturizers that match most skin tones. What I do when I get a BB cream whose color is just too far off to wear all over:

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Beauty Q&A (20 April 2013)

Hey um I’m just starting out with makeup, what do you think is a good idea for everyday schoolish makeup for a middle schooler? (I want to look fairly natural though)

I would say go with a soft matte browns and beiges on the lids, a little mascara, just a hint of color on the cheeks, and a nice lipgloss that isn’t TOO pigmented, so it has a tint but your lip-color shows through. Here’s a look that you can easily recreate. (Just skip steps 3 and 4 because it’s really optional and not necessary for a school look.)


top 5 ‘natural’ eye shadows? top 5 mascaras? and top 5 eyeliners?

I’ll do a full post with swatches and pictures soon!


What is the best mascara to make your eye lashes look long?

I would say go with any fiber mascara if you want length. Fiber mascaras are like mini lash extensions. They contain tiny little black fibers that attach onto the tips of your lashes and look like your own. I personally find “wetter” formulas like Majolica Majorca Lash Exander better than dry formulas like Fiber Wig from Déjà vu because the fibers will transfer and stick to your lashes better, and you have more time to comb them into place nicely so they don’t point in odd directions. I haven’t personally tried the fiber mascaras from brands like Maybelline so I can’t tell you if they’re good or not. If anyone has, do chime in below and let us know!

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"Beauty Q&A 2 April 2013: Red lips for ginger hair, ombre hair, matte blushes, highlighters, brow kits and more!"

I have red hair (not like dyed red, natural ORANGE) and I really want to try red lipstick but I’m not certain that it would look great. I’m also prone to pimples and although I wear foundation and do my best to cover them up the redness can still show through, which only adds to my uncertainty. Any tips/tricks/ideas?

For the concealing tip, check out the concealer post I did recently using a 2-way powder foundation to set it! This increases coverage in just the areas you need it, without loading on too much product everywhere else.

For red lips, you can DEFINITELY wear it. It’s GORGEOUS on red-heads. A lot of times, it’s just us not being used to how a color appears on us the first time we try it. I would say go with a true-true red like MAC Ruby Woo, and if you want to go softer, try something with a slight touch of pink (Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Reef). 

Other than that, keep the rest of your face very clean and subtle; not too much blush, as you don’t want to overpower your features. 


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