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[CLOSED] Stila Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set - A Giveaway!

Stila was pretty much the first brand (that I know of) to come up with a lipgloss click-pen. It’s been over a decade now, and the product is still one of their global best-sellers.

Now they’ve packed it all into a super-cute paper box, grouped into 3 trios:




The idea is that you can either give a loved-one - possibly a makeup fanatic - the whole box, or break it up into separate little stocking stuffers for 3 people. (VERY handy to have a couple sets of these as backup in case you run out of time or forget a few people…)

Shades: cranberry, dazzleberry, passion fruit, persimmon, wildberry, kaleidoscope, melon, strawberry cream, amaretto

What I love is that each shade comes with a unique scent to match its name and color.

I’ve got bad news and good news.

Bad news: I’m sorry there will not be swatches for these 9 oh-so-pretty tubes of glossy lip glazes,

Good news: BECAUSE I’M GIVING THEM AWAY TO 3 READERS*! (Instructions below.)


*Contest is open internationally.

To win a set (I will pick the sets randomly, but don’t worry - these are soft, glossy shades and I’m sure they’re all flattering to everyone), simply reply to this post by 8 November 2013. It’s not a quiz; more of a poll, so there’s no right or wrong answer!

  1. hit the Reblog/Answer/Comment button or
  2. use Disqus if you are viewing it in a normal browser or
  3. find the corresponding Stila giveaway image on my Instagram/Facebook and answer there

I will contact 3 winners to request for your shipping details after the 8th.

Question: When was the first time you bought or tried lipgloss and what brand/color was it?

August Beauty Preview (and Mini-Giveaway - GLOSED): Anna Sui Fall 15th Anniversary Makeup Collection

Anna Sui is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with a collection of the cutest limited edition makeup and accessories, including:

Anna Sui Fall 2013 Makeup Collection 2 Anna Sui Fall 2013 Anniversary Makeup Collection   Info & Photos

New square-shaped gothic Rose Ring Rouges in 8 shades:

  • #200 Dazzling Purple
  • #300 Coral Pink
  • #301 Clear Pink
  • #302 Fuchsia
  • #400 Anna Red (Anna’s signature lip color)
  • #600 Natural Orange
  • #700 Glittery Beige
  • #800 Dazzling Gold

A Powder Foundation Set including

  • compact powder
  • mini primer
  • heart-print clutch bag (aawww)

There are also beauty accessories like a limited edition Rose Doll folding mirror, and a “Magic Toiletry Box”, and even a Rose Tissue Box.

The collection will be available from 1 August 2013.


Caption: at an Anna Sui 15th Anniversary launch party recently, where we got to meet Anna herself!

And NOW! A Mini-Giveaway!


I’m giving out a bottle of Anna Sui Crackle Polish in 003 (silver), and incredibly cute Nail Stickers, courtesy of Luxasia, to one reader! To enter, just follow me on Facebook or Instagram and reply to the contest post there with a short answer to this question:

When is the 15th Anniversary Collection launching, and what is the number and name of Anna Sui’s signature lip color?

A winner will be picked randomly on 31 July at about 10 a.m. Singapore time (GMT +8) and I will contact you for your shipping details!


Congrats to Rachel on Instagram who won this nail set!

[Singapore Event Update] Wanna see Shu Uemura’s Maz in action?

Shu Uemura is running 4 hands-on makeup workshops in Singapore featuring Maz and trainer Sophia. The 2-hour sessions will allow you to REALLY get your hands dirty trying out all the yummy products and learning how to use them to bring out your features.

Registration is S$120/pax ($100/pax if you sign up with a friend), BUT:

  • it’s fully redeemable for products of your choice after the session.
  • each attendee receives a goodie bag with $60 worth of merchandise on top of that

So if you’re already thinking of buying some Shu makeup or skincare products, you might as well get freebies and a makeup lesson on top of that. 

P.S. This would make a great gift for your bestie or mom. 

Event location: SEVIIN, The Loft, TANGS Orchard.

26 july (fri): 6.30-8.30pm
27 july (sat): 11am-1pm2-4pm5-7pm

To register, visit the TANGS Orchard counter or the TANGS e-store:

400k Contest Runner-ups: andronicco, signcherie, lionessonacheesegrater!

Reblogged from andronicco-deactivated20140325

I couldn’t rank the 2nd to 4th place winners in any specific order; it was too hard because they all stood out for different reasons. This was not a contest of pure skills!

A great makeup look is good (and there were lots of incredible looks), but for this contest the overall effort, humor, and thought behind the submission went a long way, and I felt these 4 winners managed to demonstrate that, even if the looks weren’t always complex.

Congrats guys, and do let me know your full shipping details soon (Extending to 22nd since I took a day to announce the winners) or I’ll have to pick the other shortlisted entries on my list!

If you didn’t win a prize this round, please don’t be too disappointed! There were tons of great posts and I had so much trouble picking out 4 that I actually had to enlist help to think through it. (There’ll be more contests and giveaways coming up!)




C: This was too, too cute. And very creative and unexpected. Andronicco wins Set C: Warm Lips!



Excerpt: “… I consider my personal makeup style to be “evil queen.” As in, yes, I actively try to make myself look like a Disney villain. Because, come on! These women are fabulous!”


c: I love how we could get a nice climpse of her personality and humor in her post, and the reasoning behind the themed look she photographed for this contest. She won Item B, Little Humming Book 2!



Excerpt: “… Am I just bad at make up? Do I lack inspiration? Maybe. But at least I can pull off this look, and I think I look good. No Dita, sure, but it’s definitely me.”


C: Last but not least, I liked this post because of the thought and the effort taken to not just pull together images of her makeup journey, but to also detail the story behind it. You won the “Soft Lips” Set, D!


Reblogged from achjawaaromniet

Makeupbox 400k Contest Winning Post: Achjawaaromniet!


With Shiseido’s accentuating color (for eyes) in Ruby Dazzle, a discontinued green shadow by H&M and MAC lipstick in Russian Red. These are my favorite shadows and this was the perfect opportunity to try and combine them.

I was very impressed by this entry and the whole look. Simple, but dramatic, and very well-done!

You’ve won yourself the Majolica Majorca Little Humming Book 1! 

[Closed]: 400,000 Follower Giveaway Closing on 18 May!
Don’t forget to submit your entries to the 400,000 Follower Giveaway! Contest is open internationally, and detailed instructions for submission are on this page. 
To view the many cute and fabulous entries, search “#makeupbox400k” on Instagram, or look at the many FAB entries on Tumblr here!

[Closed]: 400,000 Follower Giveaway Closing on 18 May!

Don’t forget to submit your entries to the 400,000 Follower Giveaway! Contest is open internationally, and detailed instructions for submission are on this page

To view the many cute and fabulous entries, search “#makeupbox400k” on Instagram, or look at the many FAB entries on Tumblr here!

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