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Cheater’s stacked “double-liner” eye tutorial

It looks really nice to stack 2 lines of liquid liner one on top of the other on the lid, but it’s not the easiest thing to do if you’re quite new at it, or if you don’t have a lot of time to fuss with your makeup. It’s also fun and bright, but not too dramatic (if you skip the falsies) to wear in the day because the color is just limited to the lash line.

Here’s how you can get the same effect without having to worry about a steady hand.

You will need just a shadow of your choice, and a gel liner of your choice. Make sure that the 2 colors aren’t too similar or you won’t get that pretty effect.

I chose a pastel turquoise blue from L’oreal Infallible range, and a deep cobalt blue matte cream liner from Laura Mercier (it’s similar to MAC’s Waveline, but with a little less violet in the undertone). I also have a pair of dramatic flared lashes from Sephora called Cabaret.

A few other things you need:

  • lid primer and powder or skin-colored matte shadow
  • water, eye drops, OR alcohol-free toner
  • mascara

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Back to Basics: Requested Basic Smoky Eye Tutorial

Many people interpret smoky eyes in different ways, but the most common understanding is a shadow look where the color is very intense on the lid and lash line, and then slowly diffuses and fades outwards like smoke.

The basic smoky eye should be achievable using only 1 single shadow shade. Any deep color will work, regardless of whether it’s shimmery, glittery or matte.

I used MAC’s Blue Brown pigment, which works for most eye colors. MAC Club is a similar shade in pressed form, and is a shade that Kristen Stewart sported. REMEMBER: You do not need to use a duochrome like I did!

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Baroque Flower-Girl Shimmer: Smoky Eye Makeup with a Pastel Twist

One more queued tutorial for those who are doing any floral or candy-themed looks this Halloween! This is a hazy, colorful look grounding colorful pastels with the strength of a dark shimmery wood-brown so you get the rich sexiness of a smoky eye look, but paired with bright and soft colors so it’s complex but soft.

You just need

  • lid shade: a bronze-brown shadow (e.g. MAC Tempting)
  • defining shade: a rich purple (I used MAC Satellite Dreams)
  • highlight shade: a pale pink (L’oreal Forever Pink)
  • pencils: 1 matching the lid shade (brown) and 1 matching the defining shade (I used Bourjois pencils and it might be hard to find for those of you in the US, so just go with NYX or any brand you can get hold of with lots of colorful metallic pencils!)

P.S. You should know that you can actually choose different colors for your look. E.g. grey on the lid, green on the socket and pale blue as highlights. Experiment!

Step 1: First, apply a dark eye shadow base over your lids. You can use a grey/black pencil and blend it out, or something like MAC Blackground Paint Pot or the dark primer from the Kat von D line. Just blend it up towards the socket line in a rounded shape. (Don’t wing it out.)

Step 2: In the center, on the lid itself, apply the medium brown shade. The dark base below will make it look more intense and also give it a richness.

Step 3: Now using a smaller brush and the defining shade, which should be the most colorful and strong of the 3 you choose, run it along the otuer perimeters of your socket, covering the last bits of the dark base you applied earlier. 

Run it along the lower lash line as well so when you close your eyes, it looks like a ring of color surrounding the neutral shade in the center. DO NOT blend the 2 shades into each other! You will get a messy, muddy look.

Step 4: Using a soft brush again, pick up some of the pale pink and then apply it to the inner corners of the eyes, fading in an arc above the purple but keeping it strongest at the inner corners.

Then do the same from the outer corners of the lower lid, inwards. Blend it outwards over the tops of your cheekbones if you’re using this for a Halloween look. It’s very “pixie-ish”.

Step 5: Run the brown pencil along your upper lash line to strengthen the look just a bit, and then the purple along the lower waterline as well. Then finish with black mascara or false lashes, and you’re ready for the flower ball!

Bubble-gum Gleam: Bright Pearl-pink Lips with Smoky Peach-pink lids

I haven’t whipped out the bright sugary-pink lipsticks for awhile now, so today, I thought I’d do a SUPER-simple party look featuring black and pink.

You’ll need:

  • A black shadow (I used L’oreal’s Eternal Black)
  • A peachy-pink shimmer shadow (I used MAC Crushed Metallic Pigment in Rose Light, but L’oreal’s Forever Pink would work perfectly)
  • Black mascara
  • Soft nude-pink lip pencil (MAC Hip n Happy)
  • Shimmery bubble-gum pink lipstick (NYX Jupiter is that perfect 80’s pearl pink)

Step 1: Simply pack the black shadow all over the upper lid, not extending up past the socket line.

Step 2: With a clean brush, gently press a shimmery pink down the center of the lid.

Step 3: Then with that same brush which now has some pink and some black on the bristles, simply buff out the edges of the black shadow to remove any harsh lines. You won’t really need to pick up anymore shadow.


Then finish the look with black mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Step 4: Apply any soft pink blush.

Step 5: Fill in your lips with a pale pink pencil like MAC Hip n Happy (if you have pale to medium skin). If you have darker skin that that, you can actually skip the pencil. It’s just there to add some color to the pearl pink and prevent it from turning into that 80’s porn-star look. 

Finish by applying a coat of the shimmery pink lipstick!

Lush Green: “Ombre” Glitter Liner

So little work, so much impact.

The best kinda makeup tutorial, no?

Rainbow liners are quite popular, but I haven’t found them to be all that wearable for daily life. Now, this is a rather coordinated and low-key way to add some bling to your look and still get long-lasting drama.

You’ll need:

Black pencil

  • Colored pencil (I used a deep teal green from Bourjois 87 Vert Eclatant)
  • A medium sage green shadow (L’oreal Infallible Shadow in Permanent Kaki)
  • Liner sealant (long-lasting) or eye drops (less durable); MAC Fix+ would work like the eye drops
  • A deeper green micro-glitter (get super-fine ones from Coastal Scents, TKB Trading, and other makeup stores)
  • Black mascara or false lashes


Step 1: Definition. I used black pencil to just darken the upper lash line. I applied it very close to the roots from the top, and then ran the pencil along the water line (below the lashes) as well.


Step 2: Now with your colored pencil (you can use gel liner, liquid liner, anything you want), you want to lay down the basic shape and base color of the line. Obviously, your liner should more or less correspond to the glitter and shadow color you are using.

I applied it out along the upper lash line, thick and getting thicker at the outer corners, until I pull it up and out in a short wing. If you want maximum drama, you can draw the line REALLY far out.


Step 3: Along the inner half of the colored liner, you want to use a flat brush to carefully pat on a coat of the softer green shadow. You want the drama to be on the outer halves, so the shade on the inside should be lighter or softer.


Step 4: Now along the outer half of the lids, I dampen a flat brush in eyeliner sealant (Ben Nye, Mehron, etc all have affordable versions), coat the damp brush with glitter, and then press everything lightly along the outer half of the pencil. Just go over a few times until you build up a nice coat of sparkle.

The pencil below will stop things from looking patchy or uneven, so you don’t need to spend a whole lot of time on this.



Step 5: Everything should dry and set very quickly, and then you can curl lashes and apply mascara to finish the look. If there’s any glitter fallout or smudging on the other portions of your skin, simply clean up with a Q-tip.

Now you get an interesting effect where your pale metallic green liner morphs into a deeper glitter liner!

Defined Metallic-Turquoise Wing (L’oreal Innocent Turquoise)

Time for a more dramatic, defined eye! This is a shape that would work on both double- and mono-lids because the contour again follows the hollow of the eye socket. 

Feel free to replace the turquoise with any color you enjoy!

I used:

  • Black liner
  • Deep rust-brown (Coastal Scents Cherry Chocolate)
  • Bright Turquoise Shimmer (L’oreal Infallible in Innocent Turquoise)

Step 1: With your black liner, you want to first draw a very precise shape. The first line goes along the lower lash line from the INSIDE-OUT. Draw the line thick and make sure you get it into the roots of your lashes because you don’t want gaps there. Pull it out past the outer corners until you reach just past where the hollow of your eye socket ends.

If you’re not sure where, don’t extend it. Do Step 2 below first, then pull the lower line up to meet the upper line.

Step 2: Run the pencil along the hollow of your eye socket (not the crease where the fold is; this should be higher and you can feel it with your fingers). Tip for beginners: Do it in 2 strokes. Start from the center of your eye out, THEN from the center of your eye in, but much lighter-handed this time. Don’t draw the line all the way to the inner corners because you want your eyes to look more “open”. 

Step 3: Now’s the time to smudge a bit more pencil into the outer corners, within the shape you drew earlier. Then use a brush or your fingers to fade the black inwards slightly. The black should not extend past about 1/3 of your lid.

Step 4: Now that the complicated part is out of the way, just use a flat brush to pick up a dark red-brown and carefully press or pack it onto the black pencil. Fade it inwards also, but this time, fade it in further than the pencil, to about the center of your lids.

Step 5: For the main lid shade, pack it on very intensely from the inner corners, overlap the brown a bit as you fade outwards. Stay within the border drawn by your pencil earlier. Since I’m using an Infallible pigment, I’m just packing it on with my fingers rather than a brush. This formula works best with fingers because of the high binder content.

Step 6: Finishing touch for the lids; reapply a little dark brown along the upper borders of the eye shape if your colorful shadow has covered it up a little. The line should be very defined and strong or this will turn into a typical smoky eye.

Step 7: Finish the eye with black mascara and black liner along the waterline if you want.

On the cheeks, I used a pale pink blush (Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye Shadow #15). Really, any pink you have will do.

On the lips, I applied a soft matte pink from MAC called Pink Plaid. If you can’t find that, something like Creme Cup would work fine.

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