Peppermint Mocha Sandwich Eyeshadow Tutorial: Shot of green sandwiched between Browns

(88 Original Palette)

This is a simple matte eyeshadow look that is good for neutral lovers or those who prefer things simple and subtle with a spike of something different. (And now I look at it, it looks like Starbucks colors…)

I used 3 matte shades in the 88 original palette: A medium green, a soft taupe brown, and a dark black-brown. You can replace the green with any other color you want. Just change it up and experiment!

Good for:

  • Mature/lined lids
  • Matte shadow lovers
  • Double-lids
  • Brown eyes  (Tip: if you have blue eyes, try an orange, copper, or even a pink for the colored stripe; if you have green or hazel eyes, try violet or lavender.)

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