Morgana Cryptoria Interview!

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It’s always exciting to explore Indie brands because this is where you often find “anti-establishment” colors and formulas, and we often forget that well-known names like Sugarpill, Lime Crime, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics all started out from humbler roots.

If you get excited by the thought of wearing metallic royal purple and duo-chrome green on your LIPS, but haven’t heard of Morgana Cryptoria yet, this is a brand to check out. I’ve only just read about it and contacted founder Melissa, who kindly agreed to a short interview on all things beauty!

1. How would you describe your personal approach to makeup and beauty in general?
Ans:  Have fun creating your own style! Don’t be shy about trying makeup or apparel that is out of your comfort zone. 

2. Your products are designed to REALLY make a statement. How did the idea first come about to create colors like these?
Ans:  It was always very difficult to find odd lipstick colors or very pale/white foundation shades.
I was so bored with 95% of cosmetics land. I wanted to provide people (and myself) with harder to find shades. I am proud to offer a wide variety of unique colors in my shop. I also make custom shades by request. 

3. Who/what are your beauty and style inspirations?
Ans:  I’ve seen some amazing makeup application skills & designs from beauty bloggers, MUAs & cosplayers. Such talent! They are very inspiring! I am thrilled to see them use my products in their looks. 

4. What’s the earliest memory of makeup that you can recall?
Ans:  My mom was pretty cool about letting me have makeup early on. I would always head over to the makeup section of stores when I was a kid. Then after that, right over to the electronics department. I love gadgets! 

5. Aside from your own creations, are there other beauty brands that you enjoy using?
Ans:  Honestly, I only buy mascara and nail polish. I use my own brand for everything else. Nail polish might be added to my line as early as October. Making nail polish is something I plan on delving into very soon. 

6. Name one imperfection of yours that you like, and tell us why!
Ans:  I have a tiny dot of graphite under my skin near one of my knees. When I was a kid, a pencil was poking out of my school bag and poked into my leg. The mark is still there after 25 years. Whenever I look at it, it makes me feel nostalgic for childhood. 

7. What 3 products can you absolutely NOT live without right now?
Ans:  Physicians Formula eye makeup remover pads! For B&B, I love Haus of Gloi bubbling scrubs and pumpkin butters. 

8. What is the TOP “Must-have” item someone new to your line should try out first?

Ans: That’s a tough question! hmmm….My lipsticks get the most attention, but for a first order I’m going to suggest one of my *soon to be released lip gels or slimline lipsticks. They will be available August 7th, along with a few eye/lip pencils. [*Note: interview was conducted before 7th.]

Morgana Cryptoria ships internationally.