MAC “Vera” Collection Haul: My Top Picks and Swatches!


All items swatched on bare skin without a base.

I had some gift vouchers (yay) so what better than to blow them on the MAC “Vera” 2012 collection?

I’d been waiting for this since I saw the images on MAC’s site a few weeks ago, but didn’t know it would hit our shelves this soon. So when I walked past a MAC counter this evening on my way to a movie, my eyes lighted on a small colorful display, and I might have shrieked a little before I made a beeline right for it. 

The item I had really wanted from the collection was actually only the Crushed Metallic Pigment stack “Butterfly Party”, but I decided to swatch everything on a whim and feel in love with 2 other items I had not thought would be nice. So I ended up getting:

Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack “Butterfly Party”

  • Rain Drop: Metallic Teal (if you have Teal pigment, you don’t need this.)
  • Moss Garden: Sparkly Seafoam-Silver (unexpectedly pretty and quite unique)
  • Butterfly Party: Rich Purple Pearl (nice but not a must to have)
  • Desert Cloud: Metallic Indigo Violet (lovely blue-violet; a darker, more purple version of Cornflower pigment)

Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack “Strawberry Patch”

  • Star Crystal: Metallic champagne-ash (If you missed out Metal X Palladium, this is a lovely pearl-beige shade that isn’t too stark white)
  • Rose Light: Frosted Pastel Pink (80’s pink - in a good way)
  • Strawberry Patch: Glittery mauve (pretty, but my least favorite of the bunch because it’s so sparkly that it’s hard to wear for day, and needs a good base to work)
  • Moon Rose: Metallic burgundy with fuchsia sheen (the reason I picked up this stack. The images don’t do this justice so you’ll have to swatch this yourself before it’s sold out!)

MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder in Sunday Afternoon

I thought the 2 pearlmatte face powders were blushes until I swatched one of them on and got the surprise of my life. These are like a cross between beauty powders and Mineralize Skinfinishes, with an interesting texture that’s matte but luminous at the same time. 

It’s a little like my beloved MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Porcelain Pink, which gives a soft pink glow but is not outright shiny like other MAC MSFs, except this is better if you are afraid of looking oily.


I did not get any of the lip glasses or liners from the Vera collection.

It’s not that they aren’t nice; in fact the glitter liners are beautiful. But I don’t find the glitters in pencils obviously enough to make much of a difference from regular metallic pencils, so I didn’t see any point buying them at MAC prices. 

As for the glosses, well, I’m not a lip gloss girl so I gave all of them a miss. You’ll have to check them out yourselves at the counter and judge for yourself if you like them!