Requested: Swatches of the BH Cosmetics 15-Color Palette I posted on Instagram (@makeup_box)

Here are the swatches on bare skin, no primer, so you can take a look at the textures and shades up close! It can be a bit hard telling what the colors are like on the BH cosmetics site because the images aren’t very accurate. Do note the shades with an asterisk (*) are my favorites.

This is a palette put together by the BH Cosmetics team (I decided to let them recommend colors instead of picking them out for myself this time round), and this is a pretty good mix of textures (shimmers, satins, mattes). I do sorta wish there were a few cool shades like blues, greens, etc, but no complaints there! 

I’m pretty impressed by the texture of the MS (Metallic Shimmer) shades, and I have a tutorial coming up using those. But take note that the name is not really accurate. I’d call these Matte Shimmer or Matte Satin. They are NOT metallic. They are between matte and shimmer, which gives a nice skin-like texture that would be great for the office or school.

I also like the stronger matte shades, which is quite pigmented and blend quite easily.

A minor criticism would be that these are more chalky than Coastal Scents or MAC shadows. They aren’t poorly-pigmented; just more crumbly. In fact, they remind me of Wet n Wild Coloricon shadows, so if you like the intense, powdery texture of those, you will definitely like the BH Cosmetics pans.

Without a good base, these shadows can dust off easily on the lids and may also fade over the day, so I recommend you always wear a primer beneath, and use a firmer or flatter shadow brush to control and pack on color.

Favorite shades:

  • WM20: Very nice, smooth neon pink. For those with a dramatic streak.
  • CS09: Warm honey-tan metallic that really reminds me of MAC Tan pigment.
  • MS12: Quite similar to MAC Sketch shadow.
  • MS11: Looks dull in the pan but goes on a beautiful dusty lavender in a satin texture that is neither matte nor shimmery, but in-between.
  • CM19: Basic matte black that’s pigmented. Everybody can use a nice black for lining and defining, and there’s really no reason to pay $15-20 since nobody will be able to tell the difference from a $1 shadow, as long as the cheaper one works.
Shades I’m not that crazy about:
  • WS07: Takes effort to build up the color for this one
  • MM06: Also takes effort to build up, and because it’s a dark shade, it’s easy to see when the color is uneven.

All-in-all, these are a fantastic option for those of you who are just starting to build your collection but don’t really want to go the 88/120-color route. They are also probably the most affordable range around at the moment as well, so that’s a good reason to check it out.

BH Cosmetics shadows are available for:

  • $0.98 each
  • $9.98 for 6 shades + magnetic palette
  • $17.48 for 15 shades + magnetic palette