[CLOSED] Calling All Malibu Barbies! (300,000 Follower Makeup Giveaway Part 1 of 3)

I’m delighted to announce that the 2nd part of the 300,000 Follower giveaway includes not one, not two… but THREE themed sets of Lime Crime makeup products! Each themed set contains completely different products and will create different looks. 

I’d also like to thank the amazing team (and shout out to Cassie) for the incredible generosity and actually letting me put together sets of items for the giveaway.

Without further ado, here’s the first themed set…

The Malibu Barbie kit!

So what if you don’t have platinum blonde locks, a wasp waste and a caramel-colored tan? You can still channel a little Barbie-style. The Malibu Barbie kit includes the following 3 items:

Reason Uniliner: I picked Reason because unlike most silver liners, it is actually made up of very fine little silver flecks so you have the option of both wearing it in a concentrated line or sheering it out like a sparkly cream/liquid shadow. (Tutorial here.) Perfect foil for bright pink lips when you want to go over the top!

Great Pink Planet (link to demo for lipstick and powder-pigment heart below): I’ve used and repurchased this baby-pink lipstick multiple times. It is like an ever-so-slightly warmer version of MAC’s Saint Germain (some people consider it an exact dupe, but while it looks very close once on the lips, Saint Germain is a touch more cool-toned). Goes on creamy and sets to more of a satin finish. Pale lipsticks can accentuate flakes and cracks though, so make sure your lips are well-conditioned.  


Countessa Fluorescent (below): Highlighter pink. If you know what MAC’s Candy Yum Yum or Barry M Shocking Pink looks like, this is similarly bright but more of a straight neon pink instead of magenta. Absolutely, ridiculously fun, this is another of those traffic-stopping pinks that no self-respecting Barbie would be without! (Does leave a pink stain on the lips after wearing, due to the pigments used.)


To Enter:

  • You must be a follower of The Makeup Box
  • You must reblog or reply to this post, and tell or show us HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THE COLOR PINK! (If you have an original photo of yourself wearing, doing, eating, or holding something pink, all the better!*)
  • You must reply by 25 Feb 2013 (Mon), 10a.m. GMT+8

*Please do not take others’ content/photos/images and try to pass them off as your own for the contest submission. I’m looking for honesty and fun, not perfection! Plagiarized and racially/sexually offensive content will  be disqualified.

If you don’t have a Tumblr account but would like to submit an image or a link to a post on your own site/blog, simply copy the link  in the Disqus box for this contest page, rather than post a separate submission to me! Please ensure you use Disqus with an active email because if I can’t contact you, I can’t send any prize to you!