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My Savory Perfumes (and a Quick Note on my New Camera!)

Warning: There’s no way to tell you about a perfume other than to describe it in words, so if you’re not interested in reading a lot of text, you might want to skip this post (or just like it for the images)!

Let’s begin by first establishing that pure salt doesn’t actually have a smell. Popular references to the scent of salt are created by things that accompany it. Like the scent of fried chicken, or the ocean. When you smell the ocean, it is not the salt you smell but the scent of a chemical (dimethly sulfide) produced by algae and bacteria in the water. This smell triggers an “impression” of saltiness in our minds based on an association we have formed between sea water and saltiness. And that’s also why salty scents are far more subjective than regular ones. Lets lay it out there. What smells yum to you might smell like decay or bodily emissions to someone else.

While we can imagine smelling like cotton candy or a creamy dessert, the idea of smelling like steak and pizza doesn’t quite have the same appeal. So it’s a particularly interesting challenge for perfumers to incorporate “salt” into perfumery, and still keep it acceptable to the mainstream buyer. Here are the ones that I own and how I’d rate them on a scale of saltiness!

Mariah Carey M


(salt factor: 1)

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TAG: What would you wear if you were…

I was inspired by a funny tag in the perfume blogosphere and decided to adapt it a little and ask all of you for submissions for me to put up here.

Side note: It took me 2 days to really think it through and come up with my choices, and while the makeup I chose was VERY varied, 3 out of the 4 scents I picked came (completely unintentionally) from the Thierry Mugler line. 

Simply start with a short intro of yourself, then list the questions with your answers below!

What makeup (and/or perfume) would you wear if you were:

1. At your coronation as Queen of the World

C: Honestly, I would probably douse myself in graphic black and gold ALL OVER, a la Patricia Valesquez in The Mummy. Gold is primal, and alluring, but too much of it can kill you.

Of course, I might need to work out for months for that physique. (Then again, if I’m Queen of the World, the world will just need to bl$#@y put up with me as I am, won’t it?)

Scent: Thierry Mugler Alien. This is not my favorite perfume, but it’s certainly my most complimented one. It smells like a dark, rich hybrid-jasmine fused with some strange alien bloom from another planet. There’s a reason Christopher Sheldrake describes jasmine as a flower with “cleavage”. It’s enveloping, and trails behind you in a quiet but absolutely REGAL fashion. (Beware if you don’t like jasmine.)

Photo from:

2. An evil mermaid or siren, pulling men to their deaths in the ocean’s depths

C: Super-simple barely-there makeup with dark brows, full dark lashes, and flushed lips (all the better to contrast oh-so-beautiful against that slight gleam of ivory fangs). I might coat my body with translucent micro-glitter as well; just for my own viewing pleasure more than for anything else.

Scent: Womanity by Thierry Mugler. This scent has been likened to many things (including feminine “secretions”), which probably adds to its alien-ness and seductive edge. What I love is that it mixes a semblance of sweet normality (juicy figs) with a ozonic, sea-salt accord which smells electric and vaguely dangerous.

3. A revered witch or priestess

C: I would dearly love to surround myself with black feathers (barring any harm caused to poor Ravens of course) like the magnificent Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman. As an aside, I think she completely stole the show, and poor Kristen Stewart looked woefully inadequate beside her as a wan, frowny, gawky princess. (But that’s just my opinion.)

I would definitely go with dark, smoky eyes AND dark lips just for dramatic effect. Smoky eyes pull people in, but remind them that you’re still slightly dangerous. 

Scent: Something dark, slightly odd, and seductive as a vampire. Vintage Hypnotic Poison, with its buttery, woody, metallic tang.

4. A post-apocalyptic heroine/survivor (You’ve lost family, friends, home, everything you love, and soon you might lose your life as well. What would you wear at this point as a reminder of all the best moments in your life?)

c: I would probably only wear lipstick. What better makeup item to epitomise feminine pride and defiance? Eye makeup is very much designed to draw people in and capture their gaze and attention. Strong lipstick on the other hand, is a dramatic prop that holds people at arms’ length and says “look, but don’t get close”.

I’m wavering between a classic true red and an electric hot pink. (Maybe I’ll wear one on each side of my mouth. Who’s there to laugh anyway?) 

Scent: Angel. One of the first scents I really splurged on as a poor student almost a decade ago. Plus, it’s the ONLY long-time favorite of mine that has not be reformulated in the last decade. I consider it a “beautiful monstrosity” that fills rooms, trails for miles, and strikes ALL the wrong nerves for tons of people.

But that’s why it appeals to my rebellious side. (Trust me, if you grew up in Asia, you’ll know “normal” people don’t wear Thierry Mugler’s Angel. They wear Bvlgari au The Blanc, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, Clinique Happy, and all the watery, cottony “L’eau”s and “Eau”s from Issey Miyake.) 

If I need to go out with a bang (or gas a roomful of Alien invaders), what better with than Angel?

Photo from

Let me know what your choices are; the shades, brands, colors, smells that you would choose. I’d love to know!

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